Thursday, 13 September 2012

So here he is... my kitty... Sirius :D

My 4 year old lump of a boy is such a gorgeous thing :D He's my wee baby and you should all love him as much as i do :D

1.Kipping out on my bed 2.Hiding because he's camera shy 
3.My fave photo of him everrr! 4.Such a good photo of him 
5.Rawr i'm a lion 6.Such a graceful cat.

So now ive got this out my system i promise to do beauty posts and not all kitty ones:p

£50 BooHoo Fashion Voucher Blogger Challenge

Fashion Voucher and have joined forces to celebrate boohoo getting into fashion vouchers Top 10 fashion money saving websites list and have created a new blogger challenge. The challenge is to create an outfit costing £50 or under from the website. You can you anything on the website including accessories, bags and clearence clothes. The only things your not allowed to include in a student discount or any vouchers.
There are four £50 boohoo fashion vouchers up for grabs for the lucky designers of the best four fashion outfits, which means if you win you can buy your creation!
I was super excited when i came across this because i've seen quite a lot when reading blogs but this is my first since i started writing my own.
I have shopped at boohoo for a number of years now, i think i first discovered it when it was advertised in Look magazine. 

Lauren viscose contrast muscle back vest (white) /// Louisa Black Suedette Snake Effect Platform Shoe Boots /// Laura Waterfall Cardigan Kimono (purple) /// Carla Wet Look Leggings

I found this soooo much harder than i expected, I wanted soo many things i just couldn't choose. Every time i thought i'd found my outfit i would find a pair of shoes that i LOVED but didn't go with my outfit so i would need to start again.
I eventually managed so settle with this combination. I think its something you could wear day and night, well i would anyway. haha. Its also good colours for the transition from Summer to Autumn.
I was totally happy with what i was able to come up with. The shade of the purple is slightly more of a burgundy colour which is such a me colour and ... a girl can never have enough chunky black heels. Oh and talking about the heels the reason they are redused to £20 is because there is currently 20% off all boots on the website, Yayyy. I might be going back to have another look.
All of this for £49? Absolute bargain.
If you fancy entering yourself you can find it here! :)


P.s You may have noticed the big sign up the top with blog name? Beauty and Kittens? Well, ive does a few posts on beauty but i've realized i've not introduced you to my big grey monster man :D well you wont have to wait long.