Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mini Blog Sale

Just had a little clear out and thought i would see if anyone wanted any of these before i get rid of them.
  • Postage will be £1.70 with 50p reduction on postage for each additional item.
  • Leave a comment saying what you want along with your email for me to send an invoice to.
  • Payment must be made within 24hours. (if going to be longer just let me know :))
  • Payment only by paypal
  • Postage outwith the UK will cost more


China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - used 3/4 times - £5.45 - £2.50 
Barry M Block Orange £1

Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint - Magnetic Blue - £4.99 -  £2

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Creme Cup - Swatched once - £14 - £8

The Porefessional 22ml used 3 times - £23.50 - £15

September Glossybox Maggie Li

So I've been eagerly awaiting this months glossybox since they took payment from me WEEKS ago and it has finally arrived. No i know a lot of people were very unhappy with last months but i quite liked it, especially the DHC Oil. This month is a bit of another story. A hair treatment big enough for one application, an eye cream that smells like a drawer liner, some sashes that came in an envelope, a celeb perfume that smells like all the rest and... wait for this one... a body shop moisturiser. Since when has the body shop been considered Luxury? did i miss some serious re-branding there?
Its just annoying me that some people got full size Mystic oil, not that I'm saying i necessarily wanted that i know its just lick of the draw. My concern is that i think if some people are getting a full size product then everyone should get one full size product , regardless of if they are different. 
Sorry for the rant but its annoying me.

On a positive note, how beautiful is that box! This wonderful creation from Maggie Li is the nicest one I've ever received i think.

 Okay so it looks like there is a lot there and a few are from good brands.

Lady GaGa Fame Fragrance £25/30ml, £32/50ml, £61/100ml /// Balance Me wonder eye cream £20/15ml

Right first ill get this out there. I HATE celebrity perfumes. They all smell the same, that horrible sickly sweet musky smell ugh the smell makes me want to whitey and this is no different.

The Balance Me extra care wonder eye cream is meant to be a very natural product with 99% of its ingredients coming from natural origins. Looking at the ingredients list it seems to be mostly from plants and fruit. We'll see how this works because it has a very very strong scent and i prefer my eye creams to be very plain as my eyes react very easily and randomly.

Rodial 5 minute mask £10.95 for 10x1ml /// Rodial Glamoxy snake serum £29 for 10x1ml
This is a brand I've been quite interested in trying but have never bothered because iv dismissed the price as extortionate and unaffordable, i mean those prices for 10ml. Im looking forward to trying the 5 minute facial the most. There was two of each included in the box.

Biosilk Silk Therapy £15.80 for 50ml /// The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream £9/50ml
Now as far as i can work out (and i may be being completely simple and stupid and its just this brand has passed me by) biosilk is to America what treseme is in the UK? salon quality used outside salons? I would have been impressed if it hadn't been in a wee horrible plastic bottle that looks like eye drops. Maybe it will prove me wrong and work a wonder as reviews seem to be quite good as long as you only use a tiny amount.

Now you may not have thought it from my rant at the top but this Body Shop Vitamin E cream is actually my favourite product in this box. My mum buys it all the time and when i steal some from her its lovely and rich and smells amazing. I can only use at night as its a tad to rich for my oily skin. I really love this cream, i just don't think it should be included in a box or supposedly luxury products.

Do you all think im an old grump because you liked the box? haha Did anyone get the other products to try?