Sunday, 28 October 2012

Best autum blush - Nars Maui

Now im sure no one really wears the same blush everyday, but through the seasons we all have a favorite, this just so happens to be mine :) Its so perfect for darker autumn and winter makeup, it is so easy to wear a plum lip with it :)

This is the Nars Multiple in the shade Maui. Nars multiple are sticks of makeup that can be used on the cheeks, eyes, lips and body, It's creamy and sheer but can be built very well. This retails on the Nars website for £29 and is available in 15 shades including the iconic Orgasm.

Maui is a plumy pink colour that has sheen but no shimmer.  It complements both pale and slightly tanned skin and looks oh so natural. 
When i put this on as a blush in the morning if is still there at night, this has immense staying power. Granted i use a primer and setting spray but its still pretty impressive.

This is the colour pretty built up, the light really doesn't show its true colour too well, its truly lovely. Ive been wearing this most days at the moment because i've been rocking a very dark plum lip and this goes amazingly with it. 

I'm very sorry about this pathetic attempt at a post but ive been on consecutive 12 hour shifts and then went straight to my engagement party after and now im a bit ill. I've got twp more posts coming up in the next few days so i promise they will be better :)

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