Thursday, 15 August 2013

Don't feel the burn: Care in the Sun before and after

Now that I am back and considering I'm going on holiday this month for a week in the sun you may notice this blog take a turn of a decidedly singular nature 'Cause Ive got sun and summer on the brain babyyy. (Creepiness over promise).

This post will be all about my favourite sun protection and after sun products.
As much as I listen to Ms Cassey Ho from Blogilaties when she tells me to (try) to enjoy the burn, I only want to feel it under the skin,  not on it.

I don't burn easily, I tend just to tan, but that doesn't mean I'm taking any chances when it comes to protecting my skin and hair. 
I rely on an extensive list of products with different spf's and different jobs.  So I am well set for any and all situations/time of day.

Banana Boat - Kids powder-dri - spf 30
This is my favourite sun tan lotion for on the beach. It may be for kids but I'm just a big kid so I don't care. Ha.
It smells just like bananas for a start, and not in a sickly sweet way. Just ah-may-zing.
The best thing about this though is that it dries instantly like a powder!  Which means you don't have sand getting stuck all over you at the beach. 

Malibu spf20 dry oil spray
This is what I use when I'm out and about on holiday. It's easy to use as it sprays like a mist more than a leak like so many spray sun protection. It spreads and rubs in easily without any effort at all. Also it has no chance of white marks with this one. It really does dry as a good dry oil should too.

Malibu spf8 bronzing tanning oil
Now this is a controversial one. First let me say this should only be used by people who don't burn and tan very easily. I only ever use this on the areas like my tummy that tan very well and never show any redness, never on my face or shoulders.  I would also not recommend this as your only source of sun protection or for use when out walking on a trip.
When I do use this (for short periods of time) it gives a lovely golden tan, and my akin never feels dry. 

Malibu spf15 scalp and hair protector
This is a lovely non oily spray that I love using. How many of you have burnt the scalp at the parting in your hair? Ouch much? And sun damaged hair is so hard to get back into good condition.  This is an easy to use,  cheap,  no fuss product that does its job well. Sorted.

For after sun I have two favourites that I switch between depending on how my skin is feeling.

Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel
I use this when Ive spent longer in the sun during the day or maybe just on parts of my body that has dried out slightly more during the day. It cools and soothes better than any after sun i have tried before and as its a gel it dies off super quick so no sticky feeling.

Malibu Moisturising After Sun With Tan Extender
I use this more in the later stages of the holiday when Ive got a bit more of a good tan going and then continue using it when i get back. It really does help with the tan having a tiny bit of fake tan in it so its basically a very low concentration of gradual moisturiser going on.

Now these do weigh a lot all together which is why i usually decant some into smaller and lighter bottles, also if its me and Mr BeautyandKittens going on holiday then we would have half in each case so it works out quite well.

These are now going to bed in my suitcase so ready for my Hen do Holiday. Only 10 days to go :D

Maybe ill vlog some of it.:p

Lorna :D
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