Thursday, 31 January 2013

Save the animals - Stop Gumtree

STOP Gumtree selling animals!!! 
The free advertising site Gumtree is one of the few major websites that still allows people to post adverts for animals. Ebay banned such ads a long time ago with a few very limited exceptions, Facebook did the same last year and Freecycle doesn’t even allow people to re home their pets through its site. Gumtree is a different story. It has an entire section devoted to pets for sale, with a quick glance showing over 13,000 adverts, mostly for puppies but also for kittens, rabbits and exotic animals such as pythons. Allowing such adverts gives irresponsible amateur breeders and puppy mills a platform. With hundreds of thousands of animals languishing in animal sanctuaries, the last thing Gumtree should be doing is encouraging yet more breeding, not to mention that some of these breeders may be abusing their animals. Tell Gumtree to stop allowing adverts for pets. 


You may have heard of Harvey, the white kitten? He was picked up by a concerned woman after she saw him advertised on gumtree as 'his front two legs are broken but he runs around just fine' she took him to the cats protection and it turns out the poor kitten has no bones in his front lower legs and needs a big operation. 
Also a dog was recently advertised as 'we cant be bothered to walk him - will trade for iphone' Gumtree say they don't allow ads which are offering animals for breeding purposes. But a 7 month old English bull terrier puppy was being sold as: "Bella is female, has not been castrated so can be used for puppies." Shameful. 

Please sign the petition and bring this to a stop.

Lorna xxx

The Game Changers #1 Dermalogica Microfoliant

Another little product Ive been waiting patiently to rave about. Its not really a new found treasure but its awesome enough to deserve mentioning again.

What it is

This magical little tub of powder exfoliates, brightens and smooths skin in one easy and super gentle step. It is essentially (in very basic terms) a powder and you mix a few drops of water with to make a nice creamy paste and then rub on your face and it does all the work.

Dermalogica's number one exfoliant is a rice-based exfoliating powder which activates when mixed with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that when massaged into the skin micro-exfoliate dead cells away leaving skin instantly smoother and brighter. This is also great for sensitive skin as its formulated without artificial fragrances and colours. It has only the tiniest hint of a scent at all and even that is just lightly creamy.

The Ingredients

Papain Enzyme 
Is derived from the papaya fruit which itself is known to have exfoliating properties. In-vivo studies have shown papain to give noticeably smoother skin after one use and more luminosity in skin after 21 used.

Salicylic Acid
It (and derivatives thereof) have been used for thousands of years, noticeably in Ancient Greece where it was obtained from willow bark and used to treat minor pain. It is present in many un-ripe fruits and vegetables, notably berries. Though out time it has been know to help break fever and reduce pain - it is a notable active component in aspirin. 
It works as a keratolytic (anti-excess skin), bacteriocide (anti-bacterial) and comedolytic (anti-blackhead) agent by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralising bacteria within, preventing pores from clogging up again by constricting pore diameter, and allowing room for new cell growth.

Rice Enzymes
Ive heard that this had been used in Asian counties for thousand's of years. That when making Saka (an alcoholic drink produced from rice) the makers hands were dipped in it for long periods of time and came out soft and smooth. In turn Geisha noticed this and started using it to smooth their skin.
In all honesty I'm not sure just how it works so i wont give you too much detail here but they are extraordinarily gentle and smoothing.

How i use it

This is in all honestly one of the most pleasant easy to use exfoliators i have ever used. You simply cleanse your skin with your normal cleanser. Then pore a little of the powder onto your hand and mix with a little bit of water ( i tend to have kept my hands and face damp after cleansing so put it straight onto my damp hands) and mix into a paste. Then simply rub over the face in circular motions avoiding the eye area for approximately one minute. Then rinse off, which is so easy. My pet hate is using any facial product which is a nightmare to remove, this is gone with only a few splashes of water. Then pat dry and continue with your usual skin routine. For me that is toner, serum, moisturiser, eye moisturiser and if day time makeup.

The result

Baby smooth skin from the first use, (continued use is needed for it to stay this way). My skin looks healthier and brighter, less weighed down in a way. I always feel fresh after using this and have the urge to use lighter makeup than usual. It gives me the confidence to use that tinted moisturiser and give the foundation a miss.

What it changed

Before i used this i was firmly of the mind set that smooth/bright/unclogged skin would be had by scrubbing daily with facial scrubs with exfoliating particles or rough bits in them, Strong facial masks that quite frankly stung after using them, and left my face red. This little tub made me realise i wasn't actually doing my skin any good i was, for all intents and purposes, just scrubbing healthy skin off in a rough manner and quite frankly causing damage.  Skincare has always been on the back seat for me a bit with makeup my first love, i never thought about how i could make my skin healthier, only how i could cover it up and scrub it down. This was really a turning point for me, and my face is definitely thanking me.

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sprucing up the blog, new series and a little bit poorly

Ive decided i really need to get some more structure into my blog instead of just posting whenever i feel like it, so I'm going to introduce a few series into it that will be posted on a regular bases.

I'm going to introduce them slowly and one at a time though as so i don't get stressed, overwhelmed and it ends up a big mess :)

Permanent Posts to come

Weekly - a weekly instagram upload from my week. Which may be fairly boring :) but we will see. This will be uploaded on Fridays.

Bi-Weekly - starting next week i will be running a bi-weekly post 'Face slap' which is basically a what makeup have i been slapping on my face recently post. Day/time tbc.

Monthly - i will be reviewing the contents of both my Glossybox and Birchbox religiously! (As i do tend to be quite lax with them).

Series -  The first to come stall be starting this week will be 'The Game Changers'. This is basically products that really changed the way i thought about a certain aspect of beauty and how i treated it. This will run weekly for 10 weeks on a Thursday Morning to start and if it gets a a good response i will continue a bit, so please when you read them let me know what you think.

So basically BeautyandKittens shall be going from THIS...

...To THIS

This post very nearly wasn't coming to you today but im lying in bed typing very slowly and trying not to look at the screen to much (even with brightness at the lowest setting).
I had a little *episode* this morning that started with me getting up, getting washed, doing my hair and makeup and then starting to feel a little dizzy. Getting progressively dizzier until i fainted. (So not modern woman)
So needless to say i felt so shite when i came round i crawled my way back to bed and sleep fully clothed and makeup still on. Not my proudest moment (i hadn't even been drinking). 
But come 3pm Ive managed to get my pj's back on and half type this little waffle. 
...The makeups staying on though, Ill take it off later and let tomorrows healthy me deal with the tragic skin aftermath.

Lorna xxx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pirates and Photos, savvy? Argh!!!


Ahoy me 'earties. How be you? How fares yer day?

Shivver me timbers! Ye better batten doon the hatches an' heave ho for on his here blog soon thar shall be photos o' a quality not seen here before, from a far land full o' loot an' doubloons. Arrrrrrrgh.

Okkkkay, so maybe Ive been watching a littttttle bit too much Pirates of the Caribbean, but you cant blame me... Johnny Depp....Orlando Bloom....

Anyhoo, if you aren't fluent in pirate (why not?) the above states that this blog will soon be having better photos. YES! I finally have a camera again and can stop just using m y phone. Its not a good one but anything will do at this stage, Ive got desperate. Hopefully this combined with some new software will improve quality.

Now if ye have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death then away with ye, ye scurvy dogs. Make haste with intention to commandeer a ship, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer yer weasely black guts out.

...Or you know... Read some more beauty blogs?

By yer leave.

...drink up me 'earties, Yo, Ho.

*Many quotes here from pirates of the Caribbean. (I would list what i don't own but I'm sure you recognise them.)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Ginvera freen tea marvel whitening gel

Ginvera green tea whitening marvel gel
Zero blackheads in one step Blackheads remover 

This is a review that I've been waiting to do for what seems like an age, I've been to excited about it, but I kept my patience and I've waited till I really tried it out and got a feel for it. I've known from the first few times I tried it that it would be a re-purchaser so to speak.

I got this off a month ago now and it has had very good results. I'm not saying that this is a HG product but it's pretty damn good. 

The Ginvera Brand first came to my attention with the release and hype of BB creams and I  heard a lot of people saying it was one of the best (and original from Asia). Being pretty skint at the time (what's changed) I didn't get her ginvera BB Cream and tbh never really found one that worked well with my very oily skin, let's hope for the CC Creams. But back on topic when I was having a wee search of as I do often I stumbled soon is and just HAD to try if. I'm sure everyone gets that urge something when they just need a certain product in their life but unfortunately for me they usually turn out to be a tad crap. This was not.

Now the reason I had to have it was that it is specifically designed to help clear up blackheads.This is a claim that many products claim to do; 
different face scrubs, face washes, blackhead preventing toners, magic creams that simply whisk them off your face - they don't work. Well not for me at least, if tried so many. I have some of the worst blackheads I have ever came across on someone, they are not massive individually, but my nose, chin and part of my forehead are completely covered in them, and it's my own fault. ( when I was a young teen and first started wearing makeup I didn't take it off at night, slap me!!!! )
The claims it makes are 
  1. Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
  2. Rubs away blackheads painlessly
  3. Contracts pores for refined skin ( as dead skin cells have been cleared from the pores)
  4. Lightens blackspots, freckles and scars
  5. Removes oil seeds
  6. Regulates sebum secretion to prevent pimples
  7. Brightens dull completion
  8. Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
  9. Whitens skin as it gives way to new born skin
  10. Enhances quick absorption of skin are products 

Ginvera Marvel Gel
Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Whitening Gel

It is also safe for daily use and around the eye area. While I have been using it daily, it's not going near my eyes, call me a skeptic but not a chance.

Hearing these amazing claims, I was not naive enough to assume it would cure me of my blackheads, I'm well aware nothing will ever do that, I've got these bad boys for life. (they are that extensive)

This is something a bit different though. It is an exfoliateor, but it has no rough grains or bits at all, it is infact a cooling smooth gel. It is used on dry skin after cleansing. You cleanse and dry skin and then put a little of this on effected areas and massage in for approximately one minute. After a minute it has mostly dried up and the residue can be either washed off or wiped off with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser/toner, whichever is your preference.

When massaging it is someone a little strange happens, sometimes it will just dry up and disappear, almost like a moisture mask. But other times it sort of roles into little clumps on my skin. You will have one of these results on your skin depending on what condition your skin is in at the time you use it, as the clumps are actually dead skin that is being melted away. It's a tad gross but frankly my dear I couldn't give a damn.

This has in no way cleared me of my blackheads but I can see a noticeable difference. before using this I would have a problem with my blackheads filling during the day and being tiny viable lumps through my makeup making my skin look so rough ( gross I know). As long as I've been using this that is a thing of the past and thank god I don't look like a scaley serpent by 2pm anymore. when my makeup if off my blackheads are still there and visible but I'm starting to see a decrease. Slowly but surely right?

My skin is also looking a lot brighter when i use this and i little less oily. Beware though, all effects are temporary and when you stop using the product your skin will return to the way it was originally. I really hope they continue to get better and maybe in time not be so prominent. 

Ginvera green tea blackhead remover is available from for £24 for 60ml.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Leighton Denny - Hall of Fame Collection

There i was having one of my usual leisurely stoles through TKMaxx: Started off in shoes- nothing of interest, moves on to home wear- nothing i want, saunters over to beauty- disappointing. I was actually on my way out of the shop and had a look on one last counter when i saw it sitting there looking at me longingly. It was fate.

A Leighton Denny Set with  £17 sticker on it, when i looked closer it also had a (items missing) sticker on it. I gave it a little inspection and decided that two colour polishes, a cuticle pusher, a brush and a dropper were missing. F*** it i though, I'n still 'aving this. I was on my way to the checkout when i saw another one poking out of the bottom shelve under other boxes, i pounced. This one had nothing missing and was only three pound more! £20!!



What was in it that made me go so crazyyyyy you might be wondering?


Leighton Denny Miracle Drops - Drying takes half the time with this - With the dropper just drop over each nail when it is touch try and it will harden super fast.
Leighton Denny Precision Corrector - Nail varnish remover with a tiny brush basically, byt amazing for touching up slips or helping with nail art.


Leighton Denny Remove and Rectify - Naturally dissolves dry cuticle skin then moisturises to improve softness and suppleness. A rich blend of fruit AHAs and moisturising oil, it's the gentle way to have beautifully shaped and groomed cuticles.

Leighton Denny Demi Quarto

Leighton Denny Best Defense 20ml  - A great hand and nail cream.

Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour in - L-R

Berry Nice - A raspberry pink
Doing Time  - An antique gold with a little (not bling) glitter
Zero Gravity - An ever so slightly muddy grey
Tiffany's - A soft cool Pearly Pink


Not the best swatches ever but you get the gist from it :) How awesome is this:D I am so happy atm.

You get any other TKMaxx bargains, i was tempted by the Butter London sets but resisted.

Lorna xxx

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Avon Advance Techniques Argan Oil Hair Mask

Ive been holding off on this review for quite a while now but I'm finally ready for it. I really wanted to use this for a while to see what the long term benefits were and not just the short term.

Avon is not a brand that i buy a lot from but as Ive found in the past sometimes you feel a real gem from them. This is one of them - Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Morrocan Argan Oil Hair Mask. A little bit of a mouthful but, damn, it really does its job.

I tend to use this once a week (usually on a Sunday) instead of my usual conditioned. So I'll shampoo my hair and stick this in my hair. I usually leave it in for 15-20 minutes, so i can still get things done i wrap my hair in a town wrap. You know the ones I'm talking about, that have the button on them and look like a hat haha:p 

After 20 minutes i rinse it out and brush through very gently with my tangle teezer and let it dry naturally. I very rarely blow dry my hair. 


After using this my hair is silky soft and swishy.  I find it so much more easy to manage and it doesn't tangle nearly as badly. 
What i really think is special about this mask is its lasting power, even after a few days when i wash my hair again and don't use this i can still feel the effects from it. A really big plus point for me is that hair isn't left with that 'didn't wash her conditioner out properly' greasy look some masks can leave.

As you can see the consistency is pretty standard. This mark is slightly on the runny spectrum of ones Ive used, more of a conditioner consistency than a thick cream mask, but i like that.

This mask retails at £5.50 but is usually always on offer, its currently selling for £3.75 in the sale and i think i got it in a half price sale. Its so totally worth the price. A real bargain.

Who else loves this?

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Todays Makeup #1

I kept it very simple today, I usually have a little more on the eyes but i wanted a very light look today. I want to point out i am actually that pale, this isnt flashback as i didn't use flash and its not bad lighting, just a tan-less Scottish gal.

Sorry about the awkward photo but I'm not used to taking close-ups of my face. haha

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
Bourjois 123 Foundation applied with my H&M Beauty Blender
MAC Pinch O Peach Sheertone Blush
Chantecaille Les Petales Lumiere de Rose Face Highlighter
GOSH Eyeliner in Brown
Elf eyebrow Duo applied with Laura Young brow brush
MAC Culturalized Eyeshadow Duo
YSL Volupte sheer Candy in No.6 

I'm badly needing my eyebrows done so excuse the fuzz :) I used a slightly less lengthening mascara today so my lashes are slightly shorter looking than usual.

Also excuse the lop-sided lips, unfortunately i was born with it, i have a very crooked smile because of it.  

Thats my look for today, as i said i usually wear a little more but couldnt be bothered with it today as i really wasn't doing much. 

After a spray of MAC Fix+ I'm ready to leave the house.

This was my first go at a FOTD so i hope it worked out okay :)

Lorna xxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Chantecaille Lumiere de Rose Highlighter

Les Petales Lumiere de Rose Face Highlighter from Chantecaille is hands down the prettiest thing i have even seen and through a little mishap that I'm not going to complain about in the Space.NK sale, i have TWO!!! 
Basically i ordered one of these and one Les Petales Voile de Rose Poudre Delicate but got two of these instead. 
Signature Rose Design
Chantecaille Lumiere de Rose Highlighter
Chantecaille Lumiere de Rose Highlighter

This is the loveliest silvery pink colour in a pearl/shimmer finish. Some people might think it looks a bit to much for the day time but when applied with a light hand it actually looks perfect. Of course for a night time look its perfectly easy to build a bit more up and blend in. 

The texture of this is so silky and smooth and its clearly incredibly finely milled. Since Ive been using this there has been incredibly little (read no) fall out. It clings to the brush with incredible ease, i used the real techniques contour brush when i first used it and later applied with my fingers and it applies evenly and blends well with both. 

This next photo is heavily swatched with in lightly swatched and blended to the left of it.


This was retailing for £28 but i got it for £14 in the Space.NK sale on Christmas which i think is a good price for it but i wouldn't have paid the 28, i would have just sat around moping that i couldn't have it. haha

Anyone else get this in the sale? Or before even? What did you think?

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 Favourites Awards

Finally i have completed this mammoth post. Its not like it took me over a week to write or anything. A word of warning before you start reading this, its a long-un. 
Like seriously, you may want to take a break in the middle and get some coffee to keep you going. I actually considered doing this in a video as it would have been easier but I'm too scared to talk to the camera haha. 
I decided to do this in a kinda awards system. So here we go, without me rambling on too much...

Skin Care Category

Cleanser - Mamma Mio Clean Slate (Review Here)

Serum - Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum

Day Moisturiser - Yves Rocher Instant Anti Wrinkle Hydra Vegetal

Night Moisturiser - Origins Night a Mins

Eye Cream - Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Exfoliate - Dermalogica Microfoliant

Toner - Avene Cleanance Purifying Anti-Shine Lotion

Mask - Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Spot Treatment - Origins Super Spot Remover

Make-up Catagory

Primer - Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Foundation - Laura Mercier Oil Free in Blush Ivory

Tinted Moisturiser - Stila Oil Free Sheer Colour in 02 Light

Under eye Concealer - Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque / Concealer in Beige (Review Here)

Concealer - By Terry Touch Expert Advanced in 01 Fair

Eye Powder - Elf Under eye setting powder

Face Powder - MAC Prep & Prime Translucent finishing Powder

Eyeliner - Barry M Blink Precision Felt Liner - Black
Rimmel Scandleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 005 Nude

Eyeshadow - Suspect (From Urban Decay Naked Palette)

Mascara - Benefit They're Real / Elf Exact Lash Mascara

Blush - Daniel Sandler Watercolour in Cherub (Review Here) / MAC Mineralise in Warm Soul

Bronzer - Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder - Medium (Review Here)

Eyebrows - Elf Eyebrow duo - Dark

Lipstick - MAC Plumful

Lip balm -  NUXE RĂªve de Miel


  Hair Care Category 

Shampoo - Ojon Damage Reverse

Conditioner - Ojon Damage Reverse

Mask - Avon Morrocan Argan Oil

Product - Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment

Body Care Category

Body Wash - Soap & Glory Clean on Me

Moisturiser - Soap & Glory The Richeous Butter (Review Here)

Exfoliate - Soap & Glory Pulp Friction

 Nails Category

Base -  OPI Nail Envy

Top - Seche Vite (Review Here)

Colour - Essie in Bahama Mamba (Review Here)


Hair Brush - Tangle Teezer (PINK :D)

Make-up Brushes - Real Techniques (I have all but 1 of them) &
Laura Young no. 27 Eyebrow Brush

Makeup Finishing Spray - MAC Fix+

Dry Shampoo - Stila Hair Refresher (Review Here)

Also adding in my Clarisonic which i started using this year and love :D

So this is the round up of my 2012 Favourites and quite a lot there were:D Hope you enjoyed and please feel free to leave comments :D

Lorna xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Makeup Re-shuffle

I am not the most tidy person by any stretch of means but today i had finally had enough. My make up was all over the place and all unorganised and messy so i decided today was the day to take action! So me being me, i did what seemed the most obvious solution - Dumped it all out onto the floor to sort out.

Please be aware that if you cringe at mess you may want to skip this next photo.

Ohhhh dear, look at the state of that. Its terrible. I felt so bad sifting through it. haha. But alas two hours and three cups of coffee later we have the finished product.

Taadaa :D Not all too pretty but very lovely and neat, im waiting on getting some new storage for it all but this will do for now. I wonder how long it will last like this:p

How do you store your makeup?

Lorna xxx