Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Morag: A secret story of sabotage!!

 This little lay you see below i am not sure i have introduced on the blog before. I am going to correct that now with a little story, but be warned!!
It contains espionage!!!

 Her name is Morag (aka 'raggy'), she's a fairly old lady at 12 years old and she is almost completely blind.

But don't let all that fool you, she is actually The Suspect of covertly working to destroy this blog. 
 Possibly motive is thought to be to she gets even more time for cuddles.
As her past attempts at sabotage have so far been foiled she is having to become less secretive and more direct in her malicious behaviour.

At approximately 1200hours on Monday 27th January 2014 i was innocently trying to take photos of a top secret item for an upcoming blog post when The Suspect approached stealthily while my back was turned. I only looked away for a few seconds but The Suspect is so dedicated to her mission that it was all she needed. As i looked around again she had sat right into the space where i was taking my photos. 
This is a classic scare tactic.

See Exhibit A and B below.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

 But this method has been tried before and i was luckily able to work around The Suspect with not much problem. The Suspect growing more and more desperate to complete her mission decided on a more direct tactic by attempting to STEAL the top secret subject of my work.
Luckily she was caught red pawed committing the crime.

See Exhibit C and D below.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

It was at much danger to myself that i wrestled the product out of The Suspects claws and saved the day. 

The authorities (aka Mr BeautyandKittens) were promptly called and The Suspect was taken away to Kitty Jail (aka The Living Room). 
For reporter pictures on the shame faced Suspect after her capture - Please see Exhibit E below. 

Exhibit E

 If you ever see this Dangerous Criminal about please let me know as it could be the result of a half hatched escape attempt to come after me and my blog again.

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