Monday, 24 September 2012

My Week #1

So this is my very first week in pictures and i hope you like it. Im hoping to maybe start getting a few followers soon as im getting a lot of page veiws a day, so if you like this please think about koining.

Please beware these are in a terrible order:P

1. My September Glossybox came this week and i had mixed feelings about it. You can find my review of it here.
2. Dominos!!! This sunday night i was recovering from not feeling well on my birthday and having a generally lazy day so me and marcus decided Pizza was the only way to go.
3. Marcus and I outside The Duck Bay Marina. This is a lovely restaurant in Loch Lomond (about 40 mins aaway from home) which has a nice jetty and a lovely view onto the Loch. We went with my mum for my 20th.

4. My new heels! I'm in love with them. They were only £40 from Garage shoes. They don't look it but these are by far the most comfy heels I've ever owned.
5. A little piece of my Birthday cake, i decided to pretend Ive not just entered my 20's and got a caterpillar cake. They taste just as good as when i was little.
6. This was a birthday treat from Marcus, he got me the Just Grapefruit Sea Salt Scrub and its one of the best things ive ever smelled and it works so well.
7. Ta-Da!!!! Here it is, my engagement ring!!!! Its so pretty. Three main diamonds and 3 small each side. I'm a very happy girl.

Ive had a pretty good week this week i would say apart from being ill on my b'day but i suppose its not too much to complin about when you think about the rest.

Have you all had a good week? Anything fun and happy happen?

Lorna xxx