Saturday, 11 January 2014

Post Christmas Haul - SpaceNK

Yes Yes I've been gone.
I was gone, then i said i was coming back, then i was gone, then i said i was coming back... and it just kinda never happened did it.

Lets forget my blatant lies to you all though, new year new me and all that.

I haven't went quite as mad with the sale shopping this year as i did last (having less money to spend will to that to a girl) but i still managed to grad in a few bargains.

Aromatherapy Associates Little Bell £5 - Reduced from £10

Up until now i have managed to keep a secret from you all but not after this post. I am completely (like its genuine problem) with Aromatherapy Associates mini bottles. I wont be wanting any full size ones, just the mini ones, be it the ever cute baby 3ml or right up to the 7.5ml toddlers.

This is a 7.5ml bottle of Revive Morning and can be used in the bath (my personal preference) or prior to entering the shower. It smells beautiful and quite classic, it doesn't make you sleepy or leave you smelling like a potpourri bowl for the next hour like some others do.

This Works - Dream Believers £10 - Reduced from £20

I have to admit i am disappointed after buying this. I really expected them to smell like the pillow spray but alas they are not to my taste. Musky is the only word i can think of to describe it (and not in a lovely body shop white musk way).
Will definitely be passing this on and hopefully it will find the home it deserves.

This Works - Dream on £6 - Reduced from £12

This has sold out on the SpaceNK site but is available still for £9 directly from This Works Here.
Beginning to get a bit of a theme here (and it ain't ending anytime soon.)
I must say i don't know what was going through my head when i was buying this (it was late Christmas day, sober was not really the right word) but i assumed it was bigger than the 12ml it is. Not that i am complaining, this smells much more like it! Beautiful and calming and fresh, not a hint of muskiness here.

Laura Mercier - Shimmer Effects Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection  £14 - Reduced from £28

I would never have paid £28 for this but at half price i think it is well worth it. With four truly pretty colours that all compliment each other, a creamy blendable formula and the cuteness factor for size this was something i had to have.
Also currently out of stock.

Aromatherapy Associates Festive Collection £17 - Reduced from £35

Okay so i may have almost bought two of these sets, almost. 10 mini bottles of 3ml each, heaven. Each bottle is a different scent and i love them all. Can you tell I get these sets every year i can in the sale. 
Also currently out of stock.

Life NK - Drift Away Collection £10 - Reduced from £20

This set contains a Milk soak (not sure what this is exactly), Body Lotion, Body wash and a Candle. I haven't got around to trying any of these as of yet but its looking good i think?

Let me know if you have.

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