Friday, 21 December 2012

Stila Hair Refresher - Best Dry Shampoo

Now i am one of those people that is obsesive about my dry shampoo, i always have some on my just encase bacause im ever so slightly (just a teeny weeney bit) paranoid about having greasy hair. I have tried lots of different ones Batiste, Superdrungs own, Boots own, Tresemme and Lee Stafford to name just a few, but i have found 'The One'.

Stila Hair Refresher

This smells of flowers but in a nice sweet subtle way and is not overly 'just walked into a rose garden' choking.

This is quite different from other dry shampoos because its not a spray. It just pores out this little hole either into your hand or straight onto your head. It has that slightly cold feeling on your head you get from using the likes of VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder.

Those of you with dark hair like me will know the pain of dry shampoo that is white you look like your going grey (or youve had flour dumped on you) and you end up having to buy the ones designed for dark hair. I happen to really not like them because the brown colour transfers onto everything! This really solves this problem because although its white, it brushes out completely clear. Yayy.

This retails for £19. but dont worry, i would never ever pay that for a dry shampoo. You can get it for £2.99 on xtras online here. 

Whats your favourite dry shampoo?

Lorna xxx


Here i am, still in the Christmas mood and rocking another Christmas themed nails.
I've been sitting all day writing up my posts for the next few days (as I'm determined not to get behind on them again now I'm off) and listening to Christmas music. Later tonight i plan to watch Love Actually as well :D ...and i totally don't have a Christmas jumper on, promise.

This is Nails Inc Hampstead Heath and Essie Beyond Cosy on the 4th finger with a top coat of Seche Vite. All of which are available in Boots stores but i cant find on line to put the link in. 

How pretty is that Essie silver glitter. It has nothing under it its a properly opaque glitter polish, that's just 1 coat as well. I love the metallic sheen it has to it.

 I know they aren't particularly imaginative or well done but i fancied trying these two colours out tonight so what the heck, its Christmas :D

Mamma Mio - Try me trio

This little beauty of a set I got from feel the other week. After getting Clean Slate in Glossybox's first special edition box and I been desperate to try more from them and this offered the perfect opportunity to do so.

First off I think this packaging is magical, having a quote from Marilyn Monroe being the main feature on the front of the box is great. Its just Mamma Mio all over, all about giving women confidence and great products and the rest comes second.
This is what I really like about it, they have made sure that the three items inside all have enough product for 10 days use day and night, so you can really get a good feel for the items. I really hate when you get samples of things that last about 2/3 days and you just can't get a good feel for if they work for you or not.

These are the 3 products you get in the set. Eye know, Clean Slate and Mighty Moisture.

Clean Slate has fast became my go to cleanser for removing makeup on days where I'm wearing more eye makeup as this cuts through makeup faster and, gentler and with more ease than anything I have seen before. It's quite like Nude cleansing oil in its effectiveness but I prefer the smell of this and having got both in my eye Clean Slate hurts less.

Mighty Moisture is a very simple product. It's a day and night moisturiser, it moisturised deeply without feeling heavy and it lasts a long time. I can't really fault it but nothing about it is exceptional either, that said I am really enjoying using it.

Eye Know is a nice wee product. It looks so tiney but it's already lasted the 10 days and is still only half way through. This feels lovely and cooling on the eyes, they feel so refreshed after using it.  Haven't noticed any difference in lines or colour of my eyes but they definitely look more perky and awake which is always a good thing. 

The set also came with a wee book. The front of it was all about Mamma Mio and their philosophy. hen they went to tell you a bit about the products and how best to use them, but it's that back of the book that is the best.  It's full of exercises for your face to keep it toned and youthful. When I first saw it I was like 'whaaaa, crazy people' but if you think about it it really does make sense, you go to the gym to tone muscle and keep in shape, your face is full of muscles so why not try to tone them up a bit. I'll post some examples of them later but my cave is 'The Lion' haha. Best not to do that one in front of any one I case they mistake you for one of the Crying Angels from Dr Who.

I've really loved using this and can defo see myself repurchasing in the near future. Have you tried this, what did you think?

Lorna xxx

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