Monday, 28 January 2013

Sprucing up the blog, new series and a little bit poorly

Ive decided i really need to get some more structure into my blog instead of just posting whenever i feel like it, so I'm going to introduce a few series into it that will be posted on a regular bases.

I'm going to introduce them slowly and one at a time though as so i don't get stressed, overwhelmed and it ends up a big mess :)

Permanent Posts to come

Weekly - a weekly instagram upload from my week. Which may be fairly boring :) but we will see. This will be uploaded on Fridays.

Bi-Weekly - starting next week i will be running a bi-weekly post 'Face slap' which is basically a what makeup have i been slapping on my face recently post. Day/time tbc.

Monthly - i will be reviewing the contents of both my Glossybox and Birchbox religiously! (As i do tend to be quite lax with them).

Series -  The first to come stall be starting this week will be 'The Game Changers'. This is basically products that really changed the way i thought about a certain aspect of beauty and how i treated it. This will run weekly for 10 weeks on a Thursday Morning to start and if it gets a a good response i will continue a bit, so please when you read them let me know what you think.

So basically BeautyandKittens shall be going from THIS...

...To THIS

This post very nearly wasn't coming to you today but im lying in bed typing very slowly and trying not to look at the screen to much (even with brightness at the lowest setting).
I had a little *episode* this morning that started with me getting up, getting washed, doing my hair and makeup and then starting to feel a little dizzy. Getting progressively dizzier until i fainted. (So not modern woman)
So needless to say i felt so shite when i came round i crawled my way back to bed and sleep fully clothed and makeup still on. Not my proudest moment (i hadn't even been drinking). 
But come 3pm Ive managed to get my pj's back on and half type this little waffle. 
...The makeups staying on though, Ill take it off later and let tomorrows healthy me deal with the tragic skin aftermath.

Lorna xxx