Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review - Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation

Clinique was born in 1968 from the Estee Lauder brand, headed by Estee's Daughter in Law Evylyn Lauder. The idea for the brand was based on a article in Vogue  “Can Great Skin Be Created?”, written by beauty editor Carol Phillips with the help Dr. Norman Orentreich (a top NY Dermatologist who's research helped in pioneering Hair Transplants ...ooft). The article was about how important it is to have a good skin care routine. Both were promptly recruited to help create the first Clinique range. 
Evylyn Lauder is reportedly the first person to wear the white lab coat that is not synonymous with the Clinique brand. 

This specific foundation is not one of the more popular Clinique foundations and I first tried it when i got it as a sample in a magazine and decided to take it to use on holiday with me. Boy am i glad i did otherwise it would just be sitting in my sample drawer still.

Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 is said to work by camouflages redness, flushing and blushing. While at the same time helps to strengthen the skins barrier and keep out any possible environmental triggers of redness with the SPF. 

Shade Range

The Shade i had in the sample turned out to be the perfect shade for me (a rarity).

The shade range is something that puzzles me though. There are only 6 shades and i am shade 3 Calming Ivory, slap bang mid range.


Shade Blended and not blended.

Now i usually have use the palest or second palest shade depending on the range available, so for this to suit be perfectly? There has to be a big gap somewhere and i think it is at the darker end of the scale as neutral, honey and vanilla are the three darkest shades.

 Skin Type

 I have very oily skin, although it has been getting less so (unfortunately i think that may be age related, booo), and this foundation works so well for me. I can get a good 6 hours of wear from this without needing to blot or re powder which i think is frankly amazing as i never get results like that. 

Unfortunately i cannot really comment on how this would work with dry skin, it doesn't really feel particularly moisturising when put on but it also doesn't feel drying so i could only suggest getting a sample to see yourself. 

Obviously redness is a common sign of sensitivity so this is specifically formulated to work well and not aggravate sensitive skin.

Does it do what it says on the tin?

I have tried to cover my redness since i was a teenager. I get it across my nose and top of my cheeks the worst. Its particularly hard to cover because it sits directly under my dark circles (they make each other stand out).
This covers the redness in one layer on good days and two for bad. It means my face looks so much less cakey because i am not having to use as much concealer to try and block it out. 


This retails at £24 for 30ml of product which is definitely not a cheap product. In reality it is a mid range price foundation but for me, i wouldn't pay much more than this ever. 
Although i have to take into consideration that i am able to use less product to get a good coverage when using this and that it should hopefully be helping my skin as well, I'd

say this is well worth the money.

This has became my go to product in the past few weeks. It is really working so well for me and I'm so glad i picked it up. 
Its usual to find different products that you like but unusual to find ones that really make a difference in your day to day routine.

Have you tried it or found anything that has really changed your life?

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