Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tag: 25 Things about me

So this Tag has really been doing the rounds and i decided to give it a shot :) Some of the things i wasn't sure if i would include as they are very personal but i decided if would be disrespectful to my followers if i didn't be completely honest. Please don't leave mean comments.

25 things about me

1. I'm engaged to Mr. BeautyandKittens (doesn't be just love that name) otherwise known as Marcus. He's the only guy Ive ever dated and we've been together (however on and off at the start) since we were 15.

2. I live in Glasgow. Its a big city. I also live right in the middle of it. As much as i love visiting the beautiful Scottish country to walk/cycle/visit/climb i also love going home at the end of it. I don't deal well with prolonged periods no modern civilisation. Basically if you know Glasgow, i consider Bearsden / Milngavie to be the middle of nowhere. I was in a small village in wales a few weeks back and thought i was in the Walking Dead. (hope I'm not offending anyone.)

3. I have 7 tattoos. 4 small and 3 rather large. The longest sitting Ive had in one go was 5 hours.

4. I'm currently a second year student nurse and I'm loving it. Being on placement is the best and o cant wait to qualify. Getting an Adult Nursing degree in Scotland means its recognised almost world wide.

5. I have 12 piercings. Which means getting ready for the hospital in the mornings takes a while. (Taking them all out).

6. I (like many others) have serious anxiety issues. I went so long without seeking help that ended up with self harm issues, OCD related to the self harm (ocd isn't just cleaning and washing hands), no self confidence or self esteem, sometimes leaving the house can be a struggle. They are getting under control getter now as i went to see my doctor and have medication. This is something Ive never spoken about except to family and very close friends.

7. I'm obsessed with animals. Whenever I'm on holiday i always find a zoo/sanctuary/mature reserve to go to. In fact i drag poor Marcus to the Zoo and Aquarium whenever I'm in London.

8. In my entire life Ive only not had a cat for 2 years, and they were horrible. I love them so much and they calm me.

Sirius Being Mega Cute

9. I'm very shy, but becoming more outgoing. Once i know you well I'm very loud and a bit mental, but I'm very loyal to my friends.

10. I'm very good with my money and then randomly go on spending sprees and spend it all. So in fact i guess I'm kinda terrible with it.

11. Until last year i hated Chinese food. Now i really love it. Only the basic stuff though, noodles and chicken and the like. There is a noodle bar just next to Leicester Square that is my favourite. It comes in the paper box. You get noodles and your choice of toppings for £5/6. fact the pizza slice place next to it is great too.

12. I'm very untidy, but hate dirt and grime. I keep my room clean, but its still a mess.

13. If i won the lottery i would set up two sanctuary for endangered/injured animals. One for exotic ones abroad and one for cats/dogs in Scotland.

14. Crab, Mango and Rum fried bananas are my most loved food items. Coconut i the only thing i don't eat for the taste.

15. I was a vegetarian for most of my life. These days i only eat chicken and sirloin steak for the energy and i was very lethargic.

16. My hair has been every colour under the rainbow except blue and green. (which I'm going to sort out this year).

17. I'm getting married next year on April 5th. Yayyyyyy :D

18. Ive never sucked my thumb, but i have a habit of biting the side of my fingers (not the actual nails) and the inside of my cheeks.

19. Makeup and good skin is an escape for me, i can put on a more confident front.

20. I am extraordinarily close with my mum. She's one of my best friends and we talk about everything. I don't know what i would do without her.

21. I love reading, especially thriller/crime books. Although i have a really soft stop for Harry Potter / Lord of The Rings / Twilight.

22. I love the moments when you sit back and think, 'yeah, everything is good just now'

23. I love Ceilidhs. Everyone at my school got taught compulsory dancing and I'm so glad we did, its such a great thing to know and i love it. It always surprises me how many Scottish people don't know how:s

24. My favourite holiday ever was to Cuba. The country where Havana Rum runs like water.

25. I have never had an Xbox or PlayStation or Game cube-y thingymajigs :) I really want a Wii though. 

Well there ya go. Hope you learned plenty and i didn't offend anyone :)

Leave your link if you did one of these:)

Lorna xxx

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