Thursday, 28 February 2013


A quick and simple notd here. I got my idea from a post Anna from Vivianna does Makeup did here that promptly had me running to pintrest to find some more. Now obviously mine is by no means as sleek as a lot of them, but come on, would you love me any other way.

Ass you can see my dots are pretty flat and a little blobby. But i quite like it like this and it dried a lot quicker.

Ive used:

Opi Nail Envy Base Coat
Revlon Emerald
Topshop Heart of Gold
Seche Vite Top Coat

What do you think? 

Have you tried the dotting thing?


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Monday, 25 February 2013

Past and Present - Makeup routine

Something very strange has happened to my daily makeup routine in the past few weeks. I have changed every single product that I use. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, or why. But I ain't complaining as I'm liking it a whole lot more.

But it make the post I had sorted out a few weeks back a bit problematic. You see I had all my photos taken and loaded into a draft post to use. Today I found myself going to write it up and realised this isn't actually my makeup routine anymore. So this being a tad of a problem I decided to change this post to a before and after type of thing. I'm going to put up the original post as the before and write a new one for the after, or what it has changed too. I'm thinking I will also write this in two parts so as to not have an epically long post.

This is part 1:) The old (as of last month) makeup routine.

First of here we have the:
  • Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer-  I think anyone who has read this blog of knows me is aware how much i frickkking love these two.
  • The hourglass mineral veil Primer (for when i actually wore one).
  • Bourjois healthy mix concealer - for concealing any redness or blemishes not under my eyes.

  • Benefit They're real Mascara - oh what a love affair we had. Lengthening, volumising, multiplying, taking over the world-ing. This little tub does it all.
  • Maybeline Colour Tattoo in on and on bronze - This stuff is really amazing at staying put all day. I actually have this is the American bad to the bronze as well. Slight colour difference.
  • MUA Eyebrow kit - Simple yet effective
  • Barry M Blink eyeliner in black - This is my favourite eyeliner ever - and I've tried a lot.

  • MAC Mineralize blush in Warm Soul - This is one of my favourite blushes ever. Perfect daytime shade.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Pressed powder - this is very old actually but, hey, its a powder right. Anyway i still love it.
  • Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder - Medium - This is the only thing i will use to contour. Thee. Perfect. Shade! :)
  • Mac Amplified Lipstick - Dramatic Encounter
  • Mac Cremesheen glass - Deelight
Day-um I liked my MAC, still do if I'm honest. Well that's it right there, my old makeup routine. Next week will be my current one.

Sorry I've no been posting I've just been really not well, and i know this post is mostly picture heavy but ohhhhhh wellll:p

Lorna xxx 

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ill. Ill. And more ILL!!!!

As you might have guess by the title, i am ill. My mother has gifted me the flu and to top it off my ocd/anxiety flared up last week so its bee pretty shite to put it mildly.

Ive just been 'Bleh'

I'm liking the double line spacing today. (subconsciously getting ready for my uni essay)

I am so mad at myself for missing my 'Game changers' post last thursdat, i havent been up to writing it.

Dont fear, Wednesday is the day. I will do my uni work, sent my ebay items AND write my blog posts!!!!

I will be back tomorrow!!!!! :D:D:D


P.S Belated Happy Valentines Day To You!!! :D

If you didn't have a 'special' person to spend it with I'm sending you my excess love your way baby :D

Monday, 11 February 2013


So ive been really ill today. Unfortunately, I got up and made it into uni before i discovered this. Just before i was meeting friends for class I promptly threw up all my Breakfast.
Needless to say i didnt make it to the class and sofa bound ive been all day feeling very sorry for myself.
For some reason i decided to do my nails (and nail art on top of that) while feeling like this. This is the marvel that my shaking and shivering body produced.

I used Essie Where's My Chauffeur as my base and My silver nail art pen from the ever surprising Primark. The little gems also come with the pen set.

Anyone else want to show off their poorly winter bug nail art attempts?

Lorna xxx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Game Changers #2 NUDE Cleansing Oil

Nude is a brand i have truly enjoyed discovering. Its a home grown British company who's origins are in fashion and food. Some of my favourite things. 
Created by eco-entrepreneurs Bryan Meehan (known for his Fresh & Wild organic food stores) and Ali Hewson (founder of eco fashion brand EDUN), NUDE is committed to making natural, intelligent and sustainable choices.

What it is

Basically it is an oil that cleans your face very well with minimal effort. It is water soluble so washes off leaving no trace or oily residue. It removes every trace of makeup. It cleans skin deeply and eliminates all impurities but because it is so delicate it doesn't leave the skin feeling tight or sore, it is soft and comfortable with lots of moisture left. Its suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive because of its natural ingredients. Oily skin will not be left oilier, mine is in fact less oily.

The Ingredients

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Tocopheryl Acetate, Tocopherol, N° 07077/A

Formulated without

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • PEGs
  • TEA
  • DEA
  • Propylene glycol
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic colour
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Mineral oil
  • Silicones

How i use it

I pump three or four squirts of this onto dry hands and massage onto my dry face for a minute or so. Most of the makeup is sort of sloshed out of place by then. Next i add a little water to my hands and massage into my face so that the oil turns into a milky consistency/colour. Then i wash off with water and all the makeup is gone. 
I tend to do this is two stages. I will do this for my face and then go back and so my eyes. There is not reason you cant do them at the same time i just don't like the mascara making my face look really dirty and I'm rubbing the oil in.

The result

CLEAN SKIN! But not squeaky clean because this baby doesn't strip any of the good stuff from your skin. All makeup/oil/dirt will be swirling down the drain and not left clinging onto your face. My skin always feels very soft after I've used this and doesn't feel overly oily in the morning.

What it changed

Before i discovered this i was face wipe mad. Lets just put it out there and get it over with i was obsessed. They were the only thing i could clean my face with. Ugh, i know. It wasn't even that i particularly liked them, i just hated every make-up removed i had ever tried my. (Read as mum had ever bought). I would scrub away at my eyes to get the tough mascara and eyeliner off. My face would be red and blotchy by the time i had finished and tbh i probably had most of it still on my face. 
This gem was when i saw the light! It shone down on me in a beam of light and i heard the words of wisdom!!! 
Three/four pumps of this takes every trace of makeup away with no effort at all. Even the most waterproof of mascaras. 
Now i have a wide range of oil/cream/ balm cleansers but this was the one that changed the way i thought about about cleaning my face and started me cleansing properly.


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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Birchbox #1

Yes i have totally jumped on the bandwagon after seeing reviews on this. Although to be honest you cant blame me, its just so good!
As i promised in my last post I'm really shaking up the blog, so as soon as this arrived today (delivered by a very surly looking woman may i add) i whipped out the camera and got my photos so i wasn't tempted to get my grubby paws on any of the items.

Birchbox has just arrived in the UK, having taken over from Joliebox. I had previously toyed with getting another beautybox but as i already get Glossybox i held off. Seeing this box on other blogs though, it dissolved my resolve faster than the cutest kitten melts my heart. I had to have it!

Here we go, (although I'm sure you've seen it already).
p.s I went a little crazy with the photos :)

Now when i first opened the outer packaging and saw the little cardboard box i was a little taken aback. It looked really cheap, and while i still think it does, ill admit that it has grown on me.  Although that may have a little something to do with whats inside the box. How cute is that drawstring bag! What i especially love about the wee bag is that its not a 90's kid school bag. It actually sits upright like a little make-up bag. (Ive been using it to store my powders in atm).

These are the products inside :)

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment
Not going to lie, this was what i was most excited about when i ordered it. everyone has heard so much about this little beauty and when i tried it i fell just as much in love. Colour payoff? Check. Smells awesome? Check. Hella Moisturizing? Check. And completely fantastically easy to use. It is formulated without 
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

It is also free of petroleum, mineral oil, and lanolin. It includes Vitamins A,C and E amongst other oils and sugars. I cant find this for sale in UK online stores. It is $22.50 - (for one almost double this size) Available from Fresh USA online here.

 Reverence de Bastien Unguent for Nails and Cuticles
 This little baby is one of those products that i both love and hate. As someone who enjoys doing there nails and repaints  every day or two (so not happening with my illamasqa I'mperfection speckle polish) i need a truly moisturizing nail and cuticle clean, and this is definitely that. My gripe? Its so. god. damn. oily. and not amount of rubbing or waiting makes it sink it. It works wonders but still just sits there. I have to wash it off when i use it. It is formulated with Arnica, Argan oil, apricot oil, vitamin A and E. I cant find this for sale in UK online stores. This costs $34 for the same 15ml and is available from Amazon USA here.

KMS California Add Volume Body Build Detangler
I haven't had a chance to use this yet so wont comment on it but i have heard only good things about the brand so am excited to try it. It is a leave in conditioner and detangler meant to give up to 40% more volume. It costs £11.95 for the 150ml bottle (currently on sale at £9.92) and is available at here.

Wei Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream.
I first tried this brand when i got free samples of masks from them as my SpaceNK samples and i really liked them. and i think i would only get it free as its bloomin expensive. This has proven to be just as great. It was a lovely moisturiser... for the two uses i got out of it. Its teeney, its eye cream sample size. But i wont complain to much because this is lovely to use. My skin did feel hydrated more than usual but i cant comment on the firming as there wasn't enough to use it for long enough to see effects. It is more suitable for normal to dry  and mature skin. It also contains 18 herbs including Goji berry, White lotus, and Chestnut,  This is £74 for 50ml available from SpaceNK here.

Teapigs Super fruit Caffeine Free tea.
I detest tea. End off. Mr Beautyandkittens really loved this though :D though i cant give you a deep review from him though as he is a man so when i asked him to describe this i got "Its good. Tastes fruity" When asked to elaborate "its tea" So yes, its not like we expected a Fruit tea to be fruity and tea like, eh? haha These sell at about £4 for 20 and are available online from teapigs here. They sell all sorts from traditional everyday breakfast tea to Popcorn to peppermint to camomile to something called 'Rooibos crème caramel'

Did you enjoy your first Birchbox?


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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tag: 25 Things about me

So this Tag has really been doing the rounds and i decided to give it a shot :) Some of the things i wasn't sure if i would include as they are very personal but i decided if would be disrespectful to my followers if i didn't be completely honest. Please don't leave mean comments.

25 things about me

1. I'm engaged to Mr. BeautyandKittens (doesn't be just love that name) otherwise known as Marcus. He's the only guy Ive ever dated and we've been together (however on and off at the start) since we were 15.

2. I live in Glasgow. Its a big city. I also live right in the middle of it. As much as i love visiting the beautiful Scottish country to walk/cycle/visit/climb i also love going home at the end of it. I don't deal well with prolonged periods no modern civilisation. Basically if you know Glasgow, i consider Bearsden / Milngavie to be the middle of nowhere. I was in a small village in wales a few weeks back and thought i was in the Walking Dead. (hope I'm not offending anyone.)

3. I have 7 tattoos. 4 small and 3 rather large. The longest sitting Ive had in one go was 5 hours.

4. I'm currently a second year student nurse and I'm loving it. Being on placement is the best and o cant wait to qualify. Getting an Adult Nursing degree in Scotland means its recognised almost world wide.

5. I have 12 piercings. Which means getting ready for the hospital in the mornings takes a while. (Taking them all out).

6. I (like many others) have serious anxiety issues. I went so long without seeking help that ended up with self harm issues, OCD related to the self harm (ocd isn't just cleaning and washing hands), no self confidence or self esteem, sometimes leaving the house can be a struggle. They are getting under control getter now as i went to see my doctor and have medication. This is something Ive never spoken about except to family and very close friends.

7. I'm obsessed with animals. Whenever I'm on holiday i always find a zoo/sanctuary/mature reserve to go to. In fact i drag poor Marcus to the Zoo and Aquarium whenever I'm in London.

8. In my entire life Ive only not had a cat for 2 years, and they were horrible. I love them so much and they calm me.

Sirius Being Mega Cute

9. I'm very shy, but becoming more outgoing. Once i know you well I'm very loud and a bit mental, but I'm very loyal to my friends.

10. I'm very good with my money and then randomly go on spending sprees and spend it all. So in fact i guess I'm kinda terrible with it.

11. Until last year i hated Chinese food. Now i really love it. Only the basic stuff though, noodles and chicken and the like. There is a noodle bar just next to Leicester Square that is my favourite. It comes in the paper box. You get noodles and your choice of toppings for £5/6. fact the pizza slice place next to it is great too.

12. I'm very untidy, but hate dirt and grime. I keep my room clean, but its still a mess.

13. If i won the lottery i would set up two sanctuary for endangered/injured animals. One for exotic ones abroad and one for cats/dogs in Scotland.

14. Crab, Mango and Rum fried bananas are my most loved food items. Coconut i the only thing i don't eat for the taste.

15. I was a vegetarian for most of my life. These days i only eat chicken and sirloin steak for the energy and i was very lethargic.

16. My hair has been every colour under the rainbow except blue and green. (which I'm going to sort out this year).

17. I'm getting married next year on April 5th. Yayyyyyy :D

18. Ive never sucked my thumb, but i have a habit of biting the side of my fingers (not the actual nails) and the inside of my cheeks.

19. Makeup and good skin is an escape for me, i can put on a more confident front.

20. I am extraordinarily close with my mum. She's one of my best friends and we talk about everything. I don't know what i would do without her.

21. I love reading, especially thriller/crime books. Although i have a really soft stop for Harry Potter / Lord of The Rings / Twilight.

22. I love the moments when you sit back and think, 'yeah, everything is good just now'

23. I love Ceilidhs. Everyone at my school got taught compulsory dancing and I'm so glad we did, its such a great thing to know and i love it. It always surprises me how many Scottish people don't know how:s

24. My favourite holiday ever was to Cuba. The country where Havana Rum runs like water.

25. I have never had an Xbox or PlayStation or Game cube-y thingymajigs :) I really want a Wii though. 

Well there ya go. Hope you learned plenty and i didn't offend anyone :)

Leave your link if you did one of these:)

Lorna xxx

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