Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ill. Ill. And more ILL!!!!

As you might have guess by the title, i am ill. My mother has gifted me the flu and to top it off my ocd/anxiety flared up last week so its bee pretty shite to put it mildly.

Ive just been 'Bleh'

I'm liking the double line spacing today. (subconsciously getting ready for my uni essay)

I am so mad at myself for missing my 'Game changers' post last thursdat, i havent been up to writing it.

Dont fear, Wednesday is the day. I will do my uni work, sent my ebay items AND write my blog posts!!!!

I will be back tomorrow!!!!! :D:D:D


P.S Belated Happy Valentines Day To You!!! :D

If you didn't have a 'special' person to spend it with I'm sending you my excess love your way baby :D

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