Saturday, 29 September 2012

Favourite autumn blush - Stilla convertable colour

Now winter is fast approaching, makeup is getting a little heavier and Blush is the must wear product of the season. So, i thought i would share with you my favourite Autumn blush, which to be honest is just my fave blush ever. 


Stella Convertible Colour in Peony.  I got this from Space.NK for £16 but i know believe it is also available from Boots. Stilla are a brand that i really quite like, i think the quality of the product is really high. (If slightly overpriced)
I love the packaging on this blush its cute and pretty and fairly sturdy plus the little mirror inside is really helpful. The colour of the outside is different for each colour.

Without Flash

With Flash

The colour is closer to that with a flash, a dusky pink with a hint of peach. I put this on with my Eco-tools stippling brush and it goes on perfectly, blending without streaks or patches. It can be applied very lightly or build up with no problem. This really suits my skin tone exactly. The name convertible colour comes from it being a munti-use product, i use this on my lips if im in a rush and it gives a nice hint of lasting colour and moisture.

This is it swatched very heavily and because my camera is still broken the quality isnt great, the actual colour is slightly more pink/bright.
This blush is a very thick cream consistency than goes on smooth and dries slightly but not to a powder, it stays tacky. (but not overly in a yucky way).
The lasting power on this is amazing as well, i put this on at 8am and its still there at 5pm with no touch up needed.
Im thinking of also getting this in gladolia and lillium.

Whats your fave blush this time of year? What do you think of these?

Lorna xxx