Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bourjour 123 perfect

Now Ive been absent recently but that's just been a mix of Christmas festivities and me updating my blog,  Ive gone for a bit of a new look, please let me know what you think :D

Ooh now, what is this. A Bourjois foundation i actually like? Surely not. 
I honestly don't know what made me pick this up in the shop, an impulse buy at its best. Ive had three Bourjois foundations in the past and have not liked a single one. I try them in store and then when i put them on my face they just don't work for me. 

But here it is, the Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation.


 What Bourjois say:

Bourjois 1.2.3. Perfect Foundation gives a flawless even complexion* for 16hrs, thanks to a new generation formula.
3 correcting pigments for zero imperfections:
  1. Yellow pigments: Anti dark circles
  2. Mauve pigments: Anti dull complexion
  3. Green pigments: Anti redness

  • 24hr hydration and anti-shine: cotton flower extract
  • SPF 10
  • Medium coverage, yet lets skin breathe
  • Soft and smooth formula for a second skin finish

I have this in shade 52 Vanilla which is the second lightest of the shades available. I have to say that i think the shade selection is pretty rotten, of the nine shades supposedly available (as specified on the bourjois site here) all are fairly pale. Also of these nine shades i have only ever seen five in store, and as you will notice the website only shows five as well. Slightly confused there. 

For reference i am NC20/22 as long as I'm not wearing fake tan (which is not often).

That little rant out of the way i really do like this product.
This is it blended out. It looks a little too pale for me but that's just because my hands are the only tanned part of me, its the perfect shade for my face. Its so smooth and really does cover dull skin well. I look a little perkier with this in (only my face though). It does an alright job of covering redness but for redness as out of control as mine on a bad day i wouldn't rely just on this, a concealer is still needed to help.
For as much as i like this id does not last 16 hours, for me it was more like 4 and then it was separating in oil, which is never a good look. Ive been tending to use this more only on days where i know I'm only going out for short spells. 

Overall, not a repurchase-er but considering how much i dislike all other Bourjois foundations, this is a thumbs up :D