Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Favourite September Purchases.

So i am so very very very late with this but i actually had this written and just forgot to publish it. This is not my September favorites, this is my fave few of the things i've bought this September.  So here is it, better late than never right?

Seche Vite
I have been searching for a great top coat for a very very long time now and i am pretty sure i have found it. I've read a lot of reviews on Seche Vite and decided it was time i tried it. The reason i hadent tried it before now was that i (seemed to be a bit confused) and thought it was very expensive, imagine my surprise when i go into Boots and it was only £9.95, while that is still pricey for a nail polish its by no means at the high end of the price range.
Having been using it for a few weeks now i am very impressed. My nail varnish lasts a good three days with no chips and still good at the end of the week, also it is sooooo shiney and it doesnt fade either.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Now this may shock a lot of you but last month was the first time i had ever tried this. Terrible i know and i'm kicking myself for it now. I absolutely ADORE this, its amazing. I use this on my knees, elbows and a few other patches that get quite dry, I often put it on my lips at night as well. It is very thick and quite sticky but it just works, It takes awful dry skin and fixes it. I will be re-purchasing this again, in fact i already bought the Limited Jewel Edition tub.

Nars Shimmer Eyeshadow - Fathom
This is my first Nars eyeshadow and so far im loving it. It glides on perfectly and doesnt fall all over your face, it stays where its meant to. It is quite sheer and can be worn in the day time with out looking ott but it can be built up really well for a more dramatic night eye. The shimmers last a really long time and it doesnt rub or transfer.
This exact shade is just pretty and pink and shimmery without looking childish. Below is it swatched fairly heavily but it can be built up fuller.

Lorna xxx