Saturday, 22 December 2012

Kevyn Aucoin - Sculpting Powder

Ohhhh, now this is a good-un :D 
Anyone a all who has tried there hand at contouring will have at least once faced 'The Problem'.
You end up with two big orange patches on your face because the powder/cream you used you to warm toned. Its not pretty and we dont speak of it again. 
Kevyn Aucoin brings a solution to this.
I first heard about this in October when Anna from Vivianna Does Make up did this post on it and i thought it looked good because although i have pretty naturally defines cheekbones i like to make them look a little more chiseled and to narrow down my nose a little. I checked it out in Spack NK and as soon as i swatched it once, i HAD to have it.

The packaging is lovely and sleek although the red/black ombre is not really my cup or tea but all is forgiven and made up by whats inside.

I am very sorry about the quality of this photo but its the best i could do with the camera i have :( Heres hoping it'll be better in september when i get a better one for my birthday :)  This photo makes it actually look quite a warm almost tan coloured powder but its the oposite. Its a lovely smokey ash brown and its simply perfect. There is practically no fall out from this powder and its very easily to apply light and build up so you dont end up with two lines on your face, it blends superbly.

This is it swatched quite heavily and then blended out a bit next to it. This is shade medium and quite honestly i dont know if they do any other because this was the only one in the shop and the only one i have ever seen, it would suit very pale to medium skin tones because of its blendibility.

The only thing about this that isnt amazing ... you guessed it, the price. It costs £34 from Space NK.
I know, i know its pretty damn expensive but you know what, and i dont say this likely, its bloody well worth it.

Lorna xxx

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Nail Polish Obsession - The Haul

Well it's that time of year again ladies and gents. When I go a little crazy, shopping till my purse combusts and grabbing whatever I can whenever I can.  

Not Christmas obviously!!! I'm talking about the end of my placement in the hospital!! And finally I can wear my tan and most importantly... Paint my nails again!!

Whenever I finish placement I tend to go a little crazy on the buying nail polishes front, it's like I'm finally getting my fix after a very long patch of sobriety. 

Of course this year is no different and here is my haul of the last week. I just can't help myself, I walk into a shop and turn into the wicked witch, fly my pretties fly into my shopping bag.

Here we have three Nails Inc polishes in L-R.
Hampstead Heath  -  GLASGOW  -  Burlington Arcade

Big shout for GLASGOW!!!!!

These are all by Revlon the middle 2 are the Top Speed type
Black Star
The Gold one I think is called 'Sequins' It was limited addition and only available free when you bought three other Revlon products

Next up is a L-R
Barry M Gelly in Watermelon
Barry M in the imaginatively named Red Glitter 
Bourjois 1 second in Rainbow Apparition.

And here we have a Essie seasonal mini set including
 Leading Lady 
Snap Happ 
and what has to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, Beyond Crazy.

But... It's just so beautifullll. I'll be doing a NOTD soon including it because it's so spectacular it deserves it's own post. 

Lorna xxx