Sunday, 3 February 2013

Birchbox #1

Yes i have totally jumped on the bandwagon after seeing reviews on this. Although to be honest you cant blame me, its just so good!
As i promised in my last post I'm really shaking up the blog, so as soon as this arrived today (delivered by a very surly looking woman may i add) i whipped out the camera and got my photos so i wasn't tempted to get my grubby paws on any of the items.

Birchbox has just arrived in the UK, having taken over from Joliebox. I had previously toyed with getting another beautybox but as i already get Glossybox i held off. Seeing this box on other blogs though, it dissolved my resolve faster than the cutest kitten melts my heart. I had to have it!

Here we go, (although I'm sure you've seen it already).
p.s I went a little crazy with the photos :)

Now when i first opened the outer packaging and saw the little cardboard box i was a little taken aback. It looked really cheap, and while i still think it does, ill admit that it has grown on me.  Although that may have a little something to do with whats inside the box. How cute is that drawstring bag! What i especially love about the wee bag is that its not a 90's kid school bag. It actually sits upright like a little make-up bag. (Ive been using it to store my powders in atm).

These are the products inside :)

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment
Not going to lie, this was what i was most excited about when i ordered it. everyone has heard so much about this little beauty and when i tried it i fell just as much in love. Colour payoff? Check. Smells awesome? Check. Hella Moisturizing? Check. And completely fantastically easy to use. It is formulated without 
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

It is also free of petroleum, mineral oil, and lanolin. It includes Vitamins A,C and E amongst other oils and sugars. I cant find this for sale in UK online stores. It is $22.50 - (for one almost double this size) Available from Fresh USA online here.

 Reverence de Bastien Unguent for Nails and Cuticles
 This little baby is one of those products that i both love and hate. As someone who enjoys doing there nails and repaints  every day or two (so not happening with my illamasqa I'mperfection speckle polish) i need a truly moisturizing nail and cuticle clean, and this is definitely that. My gripe? Its so. god. damn. oily. and not amount of rubbing or waiting makes it sink it. It works wonders but still just sits there. I have to wash it off when i use it. It is formulated with Arnica, Argan oil, apricot oil, vitamin A and E. I cant find this for sale in UK online stores. This costs $34 for the same 15ml and is available from Amazon USA here.

KMS California Add Volume Body Build Detangler
I haven't had a chance to use this yet so wont comment on it but i have heard only good things about the brand so am excited to try it. It is a leave in conditioner and detangler meant to give up to 40% more volume. It costs £11.95 for the 150ml bottle (currently on sale at £9.92) and is available at here.

Wei Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream.
I first tried this brand when i got free samples of masks from them as my SpaceNK samples and i really liked them. and i think i would only get it free as its bloomin expensive. This has proven to be just as great. It was a lovely moisturiser... for the two uses i got out of it. Its teeney, its eye cream sample size. But i wont complain to much because this is lovely to use. My skin did feel hydrated more than usual but i cant comment on the firming as there wasn't enough to use it for long enough to see effects. It is more suitable for normal to dry  and mature skin. It also contains 18 herbs including Goji berry, White lotus, and Chestnut,  This is £74 for 50ml available from SpaceNK here.

Teapigs Super fruit Caffeine Free tea.
I detest tea. End off. Mr Beautyandkittens really loved this though :D though i cant give you a deep review from him though as he is a man so when i asked him to describe this i got "Its good. Tastes fruity" When asked to elaborate "its tea" So yes, its not like we expected a Fruit tea to be fruity and tea like, eh? haha These sell at about £4 for 20 and are available online from teapigs here. They sell all sorts from traditional everyday breakfast tea to Popcorn to peppermint to camomile to something called 'Rooibos crème caramel'

Did you enjoy your first Birchbox?


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