Tuesday, 18 September 2012

That day i went a tad mental in TK Maxx ...and the big reveal!!!!!

So i went for a wee look around TK Maxx yesterday and just ended up seeing so much i wanted but i justified getting it all because of the amazing savings buying it from there.

Monu instant radiance Beauty Balm  50ml
Doll Face beauty spot pure and firm mask with sea kelp and kaolin clay
Nip + Fab Multi-fix oil 100ml
Argan Magic restorative hair mask 8oz

I have been hearing so much about Monu products recently that ive been deperate to try but the price has really been putting me off.  This Beauty Balm should cost £27.95 but the tkmaxx price was £12.99 and while thats still costly i could stretch to it. And am i glad i did, you betcha :) I might say a bit more about this later as i have only tried it the once but it spreads really far so only needs a tiny bit. It also makes skin feel so smooth and soft.

  This is possibley what i was most excited to find! Doll face oriducts are not something i thought i could ever afford so when i saw this (it was the only one) and it was in my skin type i was over the moon. It a mask as well and i have been looking for a new one. Its RRP is £37.50 which i think is obsene for a 57g pot. but i got it for ... £9.99. How awesome is that!!!! I tried this last night and ohhhhh my, its amazing im in love :) I'm going to do a full post on it once ive used it a bit more.

 I wanted to try this after reading a lot of blogs about it. It has sounded like a wonder product. But its been a bit pricy for something i didn't know if id like. This was RRP12.50 tkmaxx price £4.99 so i went for it. Got to say its alright but i think i prefer bio-oil. I'll give it a bit longer with the botd though.

This is just because i needed a new hair mask and i saw the words Argan oil haha :p it was £4.99.

So do you want to know the big secret. Well here it is... Im engaged!!!!! My boyfriend Marcus asked me on Friday :D We've been together 5 years and i am sooo happy. He picked this ring himself and i think hes done very well because its stunning!