Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dr. Jart+ BB Beauty Balm

So in the winter  months i really dont like the feel of heavy make-up on my face which i know is a bit reverse from most people but im a little weird. This has sent me in the search of a new bb cream, something with a little more coverage than my trusty No.7 tinted moisturiser (which is my usual go to low coverage) and it led me to Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm.
They now do it in various types - Regenerating, Water Fuse, Premium, Platinum. I got it in Water Fuse as i thought it would be best for my younger skin and its oil-free so will help with my oily skin.

At £18 (Water fuse is the cheapest, the others retail for various prices ) I would have liked to have better packaging. This doesn't excite me or inspire confidence in the product.

BB creams that i have tried either go on grey with beads in it or are already the colour you would expect from your foundation. This is an odd mix of the two.
Its very smooth and creamy and blends very easily and unlike some bb creams matches your skin tone perfectly.
 Obviously this isnt spread or blended but when it is its perfect. It doesnt go sticky which i know people find an issue with a lot of BB creams and it dries quite matte. Althought i still put a dusting of MAC Prep+Prime over after to seal it and help with oil control.
I wore this last night before going out to dinner for my birthday with my Mum and Fiance and it lasted well the whole time it got a little oily after about 3 hours (which for my skin is really good) but a shine paper sorted it out. It made my skin glow and looked flawless. My only concern was that i looked a little bright in photographs but it wasn't so bad you have to avoid flashes. I like to thin k of it as radiating light. haha

Ive also just aquired a new Bourjois eyeshadow which im inlove with and a Stilla convertable colour (my first). Ill right about them soon.