Sunday, 17 March 2013

Step into my Wardrobe #1

This is the first outfit of the day post i have done and ill be keeping it short and sweet.

This dress is my new favourite. It was £10 from Primark. The 6 fits me perfectly.
My tights are also primark and are the £3.50 fleece lined ones.
My wee boots that you can barely see are from New Look and are my faves as well.

Apologies for the terrible photos my fiance manages to take, this was honestly the best of a very bad bunch. He also neglected to tell me my hair was doing that weird sticky out thing at the side.

Lorna xxx

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

DaintyDoll Blushes

Firstly may i say. Epic post alert. alert. alert.

You may have saw in my last haul post that i got a fair amount of DaintyDoll blushers. I have been really impressed with these blushes so here is a whole post dedicated to them. I was only going to get one originally but they were only £1.99 at FragranceDirect! When they should cost £13.50.

First lets just get one thing straight. I may have pale skin but I'm really not in Nicola Roberts territory. I'm a comfortable Mac NC 20-22 and i tan realllllly well when in the sun. (odd for a Scottish lass). This said these still so well for me, very wearable. 

I got three cream blushes and two powder blushes.

Three Cream With Normal Light Top - 02 Orange County Girl
Left - 03 Billion Dollar Babies
Right - 01 Paper Roses

Three Cream with good flash
Top - 02 Orange County Girl
Left - 03 Billion Dollar Babies
Right - 01 Paper Roses
Powder Blushes
01-Hippy Shake and 04-You are my Sunshine

How pretty are there colours:D:D:D I really love them.
Cream in daylight
 01-Paper Roses, 02-Orange County Girl, 03-Billion Dollar Babies

Paper Roses is a lovely baby pink with no shimmer
Orange county Girl is a peachy coral with a faint shimmer
Billion Dollar Babies is a slightly mauve muted brown. A really pretty nude.
Cream in normal inside light
01-Paper Roses, 02-Orange County Girl, 03-Billion Dollar Babies

Cream with flash
01-Paper Roses, 02-Orange County Girl, 03-Billion Dollar Babies
With the flash these definitely take on a more pastel shade. I definitely had to swatch these very heavily for these photos. When applied with my real techniques stippling brush these actually apply very subtly, but not too subtly. 

Powder with Flash
01-Hippy Shake and 04-You are my Sunshine

Hippy shake is a very pale lilac/pink that i use as a highlight
You are my sunshine is very similar to Orange County Girl but a little less coral. 

You can see from below that there is quite a difference in shade with and without flash in the powder once compared to the cream.
Powder in normal light
01-Hippy Shake and 04-You are my Sunshine

These blushes are all very pigmented, especially the cream ones. When applying to my cheeks i use my Real techniques Stippling brush for the cream ones and my Crown contour brush for the powder ones. My standard for blush. These brushes really only need to be dabbed into the pot lightly to get started. These can all be built up easily though depending on your preference. 
I found when using the powder ones that there was exceptionally little fall out which is great as i store my makeup a bit haphazard and fallout equals mess.
The cream ones are not the easiest i have to blend, im just spoiled with my love of Stila convertible colours, but they don't cause any problems if you take your time and have good brushes.
The powder ones lasted a good 4 hours before needing reapplied on my oily skin which just burns through makeup, not a bad time and the cream ones lasted a really good 6 hours.

To be honest my only criticism about these is not even really mine, I don't understand how these colours would work for very pale people i would think they would be much to strong, but what do i know eh?

New BeautyAndKittens Etsy Shop

Hi guys. Just a really quick post here to let you all know that BeautyandKittens now has a shop on Etsy, it had just started and i would really appriciate people having a wee look at it and maybe sharing with friends and family if you like anything. Lorna xxx Follow on Bloglovin

Friday, 15 March 2013

REN Clean Skincare set: Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask and Radiance Perfection Serum.

  I was in John Lewis the other day because i needed something to sort my skin out, it has been very dull and temperamental recently and i had decided on trying REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. This is a little pricey at £30 for 50ml but i had read so many great reviews that i thought it would be worth it. Coincidentally i had also been wanting to get new muslin cloths for using with my No.7 Hot polish Cleanser. I has intended to get the Liz earl ones which are £4 for 2 cloths available here. BUT, then i saw this little package on the bottom shelf. 
It includes the REN Glycolactic Radience Renewal Mask 50ml, REN Radiance Perfection Serum sample 10ml and 2 REN Muslin Cloths. All for £30. 
Can i just add in here that i think its really good they give a decent sized sample, i despise it when you only get 3-5ml samples that you cant really get a feel of the product with.

The REN Muslin Cloths feel exactly like the Liz Earl ones and sell at 2 for £6 here.
The REN Radiance Perfecting Serum usually is in 30ml  jars and retails for £35, available from John  Lewis. So the 10ml is worth £11.66.

Altogether this is worth £47.66, so that's a saving of £17.66!!!! Very happy with this:D

I have been using the serum every morning and night under my moisturizer. I was skeptical at first that this would be too much for my very very oily skin but it doesn't make it more oily at all, in fact i think it is actually helping it a bit which is leading me to think my skin might be oily and dehydrated? Is that actually possible?. My skin feels softer i think as well and it smells great, kinda like oranges.

The Mask itself im still on the fence about, Im just not sure its strong enough for my tough as boots skin. I don't feel a tingle like it says you will and my skin doesn't look any different when i take it off. But ill persist with it anyway and see if it will just take a long time because i have read so many amazing reviews about it.

On the left is the serum and the right the mask. The serum is creamy but thin, which i really like as i hate things not sinking in to my skin quickly. You also only need about half a pump of it so i think even this small tub will last ages.  The mask is almost like a thin jelly and spreads thickly. It doesn't run down your face like some masks and it comes off easily, not clinging to your skin when trying to get it off. 

To be honest ive not got much to say about the cloths except they feel lovely and soft and work really well.

Did anyone else get this absolute bargain from John Lewis? 
Also can anyone recommend another similar mask product i could try?

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bye bye google reader. How to follow now.

So as you will have seen on numerous posts cropping up recently Google Reader will be no more in a few months and this indicates that soon Google Friend Connect will be leaving as well (as it is sort of defunct without Google reader).
As you will have seen on other posts there are numerous ways to continue following blogs. Bloglovin for have developed a setting to move the blogs you follow on Google Reader to there. Simply go into your settings on bloglovin and almost at the bottom is a button to import your blogs from Google Reader.

Now i would like to follow my blog i would much apriaciate you now following through Bloglovin, SheSaidBeauty or HelloCotton. The icons for all of these are in my side bar. :)

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Monday, 11 March 2013


So here is the nails i said would be up.

This is using my new Barry M Gelly polishes and damn do they shine like a mutha. 

The blue is called Blueberry and the green Greenberry. Getting a little unimaginative there Barry M. 

I also got new dotting tools from ebay (cost me a penny!!!!) so i was trying them out and got a little carried away. 

Beware of the flash of doom though. It completely strips the colour from it and makes it look like ghost nails. 

What are you all thinking about the Barry M Gelly Polishes?


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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Haul - I shop too much #1

Now obviously this isn't my first haul. Ive not lost my mind, but its my first this year. I would say i have done well if it was for any other reason than being too skint to buy stuff till now, and surprisingly, I'm skint again. This is a mix of Boots, Ebay, Fragrance Direct and Tkmaxx.

Dainty Doll - Various - RRP £13.50.
A selection of 5 daintydoll blushers which i got for £1.99 each. I wont say to much about these because they are coming up in a post soon, they are pretty awesome thought.

Barry M - Greenberry and Blueberry - £3.99
This is the Gelly polishes. I heard so many people raving about these and i didn't understand why. I have had one of the dark shades for a while but i never used it, it was gloppy, streaky and i did not see the shine. These shades looked so pretty though and were on sale 2 for £6 so i gave them a go. Glad i did as I'm in love. See these soon in a notd.

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil - £7.99
I haven't tried this yet but it smells lovely and i have high hopes after hearing Kate from Ghostparties talk about it.Found out after i bought this you can get it for £4.99 at ChemistDirect.

Revlon Nail Enamel - Demure - £4.99
Get this now for £0.99 at fragrance direct. I get most of my polishes from there. Glad this one did not smash before arrival. 

This Works Tires Eye Serum - £32
Got this in TKMaxx for £12. Needed a new one and have really wanting to try more this works products.  They also have a toner down to £7.
From what i can see i think this has been discontinued :( i cant find it to buy anywhere.

L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash - £7.99
Got this from boots, not sure about it yet. I'll keep you informed.

Korres Mint Tea Body Milk - £10
I love the mint tea shower gel so i jumper at this in TKMaxx for £4.50. It is £10 from Feel Unique.
Smells Amazing and Korres are a great eco/animal friendly company.

JK Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer - £14
Got this for £3.95 on ebay. Seens good and ive read great reviews. Ill let twitter know when i try it.

Leighton Denny Nail Laquer - Sex Kitten - £11
I got this for £2.20 on ebay. Cant wait to try it, as we all know Leighton Denny rules. 

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Current Skincare Rutine

My skincare has really been upped lately so i thought id give a little post to update you on it.

  • La Roche Posey Efficlar Mat
  • La Roche Posey Efficlar duo
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum collagen Booster
  • Lancome Genifique Yeux
  • Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
  • Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
  • Estee Lauder Advanced night Repair 

In the morning i use my P50 after cleansing my face, but only on my forehead and chin. Once it has dried in a bit i tend to use Ole Henriksen Truth Serum which is an amazing serum that smells awesome but wont be repurchased as it is soooo expensive. Then i will use the famous Efficlar Duo to take care of my bumpy skin. I have been seeing an amazing difference in my skin with this, all the bumps are pretty much gone and no more appearing. Lancome Genifique Yeux is not my favourite eye cream ever but its what i have on the go at the moment so I'll pop a bit of that on until i finish it . Lastly i use my Efficlar Mat before starting on my Makeup. This moisturiser really helps control my oily skin throughout the day and my makeup lasts longer.

Then for my night time routine,  after cleansing i use P50 again. Though this time on my whole face, except my eyes. When it has dried in a bit ill use the Estee Lauder serums on my face and my eyes. I have been liking the Advanced night repair set but i dont think yet that if lives up to the hype that is surrounding it just now. Sometimes i will use the Genifique Yeux again if my eyes are feeling pretty dry. They are the only bit of my skin that ever are. Another smothering of efficlar duo to keep all the evil bumps away and finally the antipodes Advocado Pear night cream leaves my skin perfectly sorted for the night of sleep ahead.

Recently i have been using the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil at night before my serums. I. Am. Loving. It. :D

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Wish List: My InLoveWithFashion competition wish list

This collage is what i am now desperately scribbling down in my 'wish list' in my diary. Scrawled 5 stars next to them, yes i have a rating system of how much i need thins within my lists, don't ask.

This is actually my entry to a new competition that has be launched between EtailPR and InLoveWithFashion. The Etail Blogging Network run lots of great competitions for their registered bloggers and this is an especially good one. Having teamed up with InLoveWithFashion this competition gives us a chance to win a £200 voucher to spend at ILWF :)
To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is create a 'wish list' style collage of your favourite pieces from ILWF and post about it on your blog

Black Peep toe Stud Heel Shoe - £45
Love Black Long Sleeve Wrap - £32
LOVE Raspberry Yoke Drape Dress - £34
Love Navy Marcella Dress with Pearl Collar - £38
ILWF Black Chelsea Boots - £36
Love Black Asymmetrical Drape Skirt - £28
Love Beige Sunray Pleat Skirt - £28
Love Stone Popcorn Crucifix Over sized Jumper - £40 

I would get a lot of different outfits from this.

The three dresses are both so perfect for great day to night looks. For day time i would wear with the Chelsea boots , then slip on a little more jewellery and the peep toe heels and hey presto; night time perfection.
Both skirts would look great with the crucifix jumper half tucked in. I would also wear the black skirt with a basics top/tshirt, a statement necklace and converse trainers for a casual day out. The beige skirt would look super cute and sophisticated with a soft white shirt for a more polished look.
For days that i wouldn't want to wear a jacket i think it would look so cute to have the jumper over any of the dresses. 
Scottish summer is sorted with denim shorts, low top converse, a vest top and this jumper thrown over so you don't freeze.

The black wrap dress and peep toe heels were what first caught my eye, they are stunning together. It might just happen that they accidentally ended up in my shopping basket on the site... and then my hand slipped and i accidentally entered my card details on the website. I didn't mean to buy then... honest.

The competition rules can be found here for you to enter yourself.

The In Love With Fashion website can be found here. They have a lot of lovely clothes, it took me a lot of effort to narrow it down to this, but i do like myself a capsule wardrobe.

Will you be entering, i would love to see your picks.

Lorna xxx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Didnt float my boat

Now i don't want to go on and on about products that i don't like so i decided to put them all into one post.
Don't get me wrong there isn't anything wrong with most of these products, they just didn't quite work for me. I know to some people these are complete HG products but i just don't get the hype. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
I dont really like the smell, i can stand it but it just gets to me. I also dont like the way it sprays more like a jug of water on my face. I prefer i nice light mist from these things.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation fairly light N10 8g
This is so cakey on me, so, so bad. The colour was actually very perfect but i hate the way it looks on me, no matter how i apply it.

Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
The smell, on god the smell. Ugh it makes me smells sick. I bought this in a offer pack of 3 as well. It was a bad call on my part i must admit. I love the rose version of this mind you.

Kiehls Creme De Corps
This  is a good cream, i will not deny that but it does not work for me. It doesn't sink into my skin properly and it feels sticky. It also does the turning into weird little bits thing when i rubbing it in.

Philip Kingsley Elastisizer
Everyone loves this. Like really really loves it. And i just don't get it. I have tried this all the ways everyone suggests. I have watched and re-watched, read and re-read Anna from viviannadoesmakeup posts on this and still it doesn't help me in anyway. I see no difference in my hair and it annoys me more than disappoints me.

Weird water than makes my skin a bit sore with continued use. Also i dont see benefits. I understand this works wonder for some people but for me nothing but sore patches.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
This stings my eyes. Like Crazy. I think that's all i need to say about this.

Lancome bi-facil 30ml eye make up remover
I really don't like these half oil half water shake to activate things. They always feel so oily on my skin and not in a nourishing way. It also stings my eyes a fair bit.

Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur
This does nothing for me. It does take makeup off but not easily and not without a fair bit of scrubbing. 

What do you think of these?

Lorna xxx

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Todays Hair #1

So although i don't to anything intricate with my hair ofter i love changing my style, and i love trawling through hair tutorial videos and looking at photos and trying to re-create them. 

This is the first post i have done on my hair, this look actually came about my accident as i was messing around with it trying to perfect a vintage roll and french curl thing and ended up with this.

Its my take on the classic 40's hair roll, but twisted and twirled. 

Excuse the big kirby sticking out the middle, i didn't realise it has slipped out till i was here writing this.

I didn't actually take too much time to do this earlier but if i was to do it again i would incorporate my fringe into the curl.

...I would also make it a little less messy, this had been up for quite a few hours when i took the photo so considering i think its held up pretty well.

This is held together with only four kirbys, and one of them is holding my fringe back. It was incredibly easy to to. I twisted either side round and then twisted the two ends together and rolled the section up on itself. In all it took about five minutes to do.

What do you think? A little bit librarian-y with what I'm wearing but it could look lovely dressed up for a wedding or an event.

Lorna xxx

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Todays Makeup #2

First time doing this post with my new camera today, Im thinking of maybe even tackling a video with it soon. Since it was the first time, i went a little overboard with the photos :)
As always please ignore my stroke lopsided face.

In these im wearing:

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation - Vanila
Clarins Mineral loose Powder - Light
Revlon photoready cream blush - coral reef
Accessorize baked bronzer duo - pearl sands (as highlight)
MAC Brun for eyebrows
Stila Kitten Eyeshadow
Bourjois Blink Eyeliner - Black
Seventeen Dollface Mascara
Clarins rouge ├ęclat Lipstick - Tropical pink

Now i like this picture and i don't care how dirty my windows are.
I might wash them today actually, pah like that will happen.

This was a bit of a different look for me but I quite like how it came out. :)

Lorna xxx

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