Friday, 21 December 2012

Stila Hair Refresher - Best Dry Shampoo

Now i am one of those people that is obsesive about my dry shampoo, i always have some on my just encase bacause im ever so slightly (just a teeny weeney bit) paranoid about having greasy hair. I have tried lots of different ones Batiste, Superdrungs own, Boots own, Tresemme and Lee Stafford to name just a few, but i have found 'The One'.

Stila Hair Refresher

This smells of flowers but in a nice sweet subtle way and is not overly 'just walked into a rose garden' choking.

This is quite different from other dry shampoos because its not a spray. It just pores out this little hole either into your hand or straight onto your head. It has that slightly cold feeling on your head you get from using the likes of VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder.

Those of you with dark hair like me will know the pain of dry shampoo that is white you look like your going grey (or youve had flour dumped on you) and you end up having to buy the ones designed for dark hair. I happen to really not like them because the brown colour transfers onto everything! This really solves this problem because although its white, it brushes out completely clear. Yayy.

This retails for £19. but dont worry, i would never ever pay that for a dry shampoo. You can get it for £2.99 on xtras online here. 

Whats your favourite dry shampoo?

Lorna xxx


  1. I have SO many dry shampoo's - I wash my hair, then after drying I put dry shampoo on straight away as I feel it just makes my hair feel so amazing! I love trying new ones!

    Christina x

    1. I know, i have an obsession with them. I tend to wait to the second day though, unless im going out then i use them to make my hair a bit thicker and easier to style. :)

      Lorna xxx


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