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Ginvera freen tea marvel whitening gel

Ginvera green tea whitening marvel gel
Zero blackheads in one step Blackheads remover 

This is a review that I've been waiting to do for what seems like an age, I've been to excited about it, but I kept my patience and I've waited till I really tried it out and got a feel for it. I've known from the first few times I tried it that it would be a re-purchaser so to speak.

I got this off a month ago now and it has had very good results. I'm not saying that this is a HG product but it's pretty damn good. 

The Ginvera Brand first came to my attention with the release and hype of BB creams and I  heard a lot of people saying it was one of the best (and original from Asia). Being pretty skint at the time (what's changed) I didn't get her ginvera BB Cream and tbh never really found one that worked well with my very oily skin, let's hope for the CC Creams. But back on topic when I was having a wee search of as I do often I stumbled soon is and just HAD to try if. I'm sure everyone gets that urge something when they just need a certain product in their life but unfortunately for me they usually turn out to be a tad crap. This was not.

Now the reason I had to have it was that it is specifically designed to help clear up blackheads.This is a claim that many products claim to do; 
different face scrubs, face washes, blackhead preventing toners, magic creams that simply whisk them off your face - they don't work. Well not for me at least, if tried so many. I have some of the worst blackheads I have ever came across on someone, they are not massive individually, but my nose, chin and part of my forehead are completely covered in them, and it's my own fault. ( when I was a young teen and first started wearing makeup I didn't take it off at night, slap me!!!! )
The claims it makes are 
  1. Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
  2. Rubs away blackheads painlessly
  3. Contracts pores for refined skin ( as dead skin cells have been cleared from the pores)
  4. Lightens blackspots, freckles and scars
  5. Removes oil seeds
  6. Regulates sebum secretion to prevent pimples
  7. Brightens dull completion
  8. Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
  9. Whitens skin as it gives way to new born skin
  10. Enhances quick absorption of skin are products 

Ginvera Marvel Gel
Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Whitening Gel

It is also safe for daily use and around the eye area. While I have been using it daily, it's not going near my eyes, call me a skeptic but not a chance.

Hearing these amazing claims, I was not naive enough to assume it would cure me of my blackheads, I'm well aware nothing will ever do that, I've got these bad boys for life. (they are that extensive)

This is something a bit different though. It is an exfoliateor, but it has no rough grains or bits at all, it is infact a cooling smooth gel. It is used on dry skin after cleansing. You cleanse and dry skin and then put a little of this on effected areas and massage in for approximately one minute. After a minute it has mostly dried up and the residue can be either washed off or wiped off with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser/toner, whichever is your preference.

When massaging it is someone a little strange happens, sometimes it will just dry up and disappear, almost like a moisture mask. But other times it sort of roles into little clumps on my skin. You will have one of these results on your skin depending on what condition your skin is in at the time you use it, as the clumps are actually dead skin that is being melted away. It's a tad gross but frankly my dear I couldn't give a damn.

This has in no way cleared me of my blackheads but I can see a noticeable difference. before using this I would have a problem with my blackheads filling during the day and being tiny viable lumps through my makeup making my skin look so rough ( gross I know). As long as I've been using this that is a thing of the past and thank god I don't look like a scaley serpent by 2pm anymore. when my makeup if off my blackheads are still there and visible but I'm starting to see a decrease. Slowly but surely right?

My skin is also looking a lot brighter when i use this and i little less oily. Beware though, all effects are temporary and when you stop using the product your skin will return to the way it was originally. I really hope they continue to get better and maybe in time not be so prominent. 

Ginvera green tea blackhead remover is available from for £24 for 60ml.

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