Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Makeup Re-shuffle

I am not the most tidy person by any stretch of means but today i had finally had enough. My make up was all over the place and all unorganised and messy so i decided today was the day to take action! So me being me, i did what seemed the most obvious solution - Dumped it all out onto the floor to sort out.

Please be aware that if you cringe at mess you may want to skip this next photo.

Ohhhh dear, look at the state of that. Its terrible. I felt so bad sifting through it. haha. But alas two hours and three cups of coffee later we have the finished product.

Taadaa :D Not all too pretty but very lovely and neat, im waiting on getting some new storage for it all but this will do for now. I wonder how long it will last like this:p

How do you store your makeup?

Lorna xxx


  1. And I thought I had a lot of make up! This has inspired me to make my collection all pretty too x

    1. thanks :) i really want to get something nice to store it and not just old beauty boxes haha :)

      Lorna xxx


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