Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fragrance Direct Haul ... and a BIG SECRET. :D

 So my mini shopping spree from fragrance direct has finally arrived after having be sent to the post office because i missed my postman by 5 minuets haha.
I was a bit upset that by the time i got a chance to check out the Essie polishes there was not too many left. And i made a massive mistake in my Sally Hansen polishes.

As you can see the mistake i made was when i clicked the wrong button and bought 'Grass Slipper' by accident haha. i meant to get a kind of blue shade but hey ho maybe ill find a use for grass green.

 The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure were only £1.49 each. I got these in 'Grass Slipper' and 'Angel Wings'. Angel wings is a truly beautiful shade. It looks great on its own and as a shimmery top coat.

 These Essie polishes were only £1.99 each. I got them in 'Brooch the subject (773)' and 'Vanity Fairest (9). Both lovely colours that give you good colour in one to two coats. Vanity fairest comes with the new larger brush and brooch the subject still has the old one. I definitely prefer the new style brushes.

L-R. Sally Hansen 'Grass Slipper', Sally Hansen 'Angel Wings', Essie 'Brooch the Subject', Essie 'Vanity Fairest'.

Yesterday i got a set of acrylic french nails done so this is the only way i can get you the swatches. My camera is still dead to sorry for the terrible pic, grass slipper is actually much more grassy in colour and the pale shades are much brighter and have more depth of colour to them.

I'm not going to say much about this because i think the photo below says it all. I got this on a whim to try it as it was reduced from £9.99 to £3.50 and i don't know what i should do with it as it just clumps and is all horrible and yucky. I don't know if it just doesn't work with my skin type or what but its just not working for me. 

  This was only with a tiny bit as well. Wont be using this.

Last but not least is this SachaJuan SPF Conditioner. I have been SO excited to try this brand, especially this conditioner. Having read such great reviews about it i just needed to have a go and seeing it reduced from £20 to £6.99? I couldn't help myself from getting it, not tried it yet though.

So that's the end of this blog, sorry it was a bit rushed but ill be explaining why VERY soon in its own blog but ill give you a few hints.
Hint 1- Its the reason i got my nails done all nice
Hint 2 - I totally can concentrate on anything else
Hint 3 - If your very observant you may already know:p
...Maybe ill be a total bitch and not tell you until i get 5 followers:p haha j/k (woo i went all text speak there:p)

Love Lorna

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