Saturday, 20 October 2012

Amazing Back combing Brush

This is one of my best bargin finds. Im not one of those people what backcombes there hair so much they look like theyve just been dropped out of a tornado but i like a little volune in my roots as i have quite flat hair.

Now this brush may look cheap and like it would damage your hair but it doe not. It works an absolute treat. It is a kind of buildable back comb that means you can get just a little volume or, if you wanted to go for that look, back comb it to the heavens. The bristles are quite thick and very stiff (and very very plastic) but it just works.

Now do you want to know the best part??? Its £1. Yes i said it £1 from Primark.
Run, Run, Run out now and stock up on them. haha

Enjoy yer backcomin folks :D
Lorna xxx


  1. wow! only £1?! I have fine hair that just won't keep volume so maybe this is the answer. I think i'll be off to primark to track one down...

  2. Oooh what a bargain! My hair is very limp and always needs a quick bit of backcombing to spruce it up! Thanks for the heads up :)
    Rachelle x

    1. Thankyou:) It really does a good job :D

      Lorna xxx


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