Sunday, 11 November 2012

October Favourites

I have been using so many products this past month that i really had a hard time choosing a few to put in this so there is a fair few to get through.

Stila oil free tinted moisturizer.
This is a product i got on extra-cosmetics for £1.99!!! Thats right £1.99!!!! I actually ended up putting in an order for three more after trying it for a while. This leaves me looking like im not wearing anything at all while still giving me fairly good coverage. It keeps my oily skin fairly well checked and it doesn't cake. The colour range is great and this one is perfect for my skin tone. Im not saying there is really anything amazing about this product but its just a good tinted moisturised, It does what it should and it does it well.

Daniel Sandle Water colour Blush.
This stays on FOREVER. It honestly doesn't wear off untill you take it off at night. Also because it is such a thin consistency it doesn't look like there is anything on your skin at all and oh so so natural. This colour is perfect for me when ive not got a full coverage of makeup on as its THE perfect pale pink.

Revlon Matte Wine Not 010.
This has not been off my lips this month. At all. Ive been wearing it to bed. Sleeping with it under my pillow. Ive named him Matt-e and we shall elope to Gretna together.  Seriously this is the perfect autumn/winter colour but i wouldn't care if it was beasting sunshine (unlikely given where i live) I would wear this in the middle of summer its JUST. THAT. PRETTY. It has amazing staying power, as long as your lips aren't cracked it doesn't dry them out.
Can you believe this has been discontinued?? I cried just a little when i heard (only joking, i was actually weeping into said pillow for days)  Im going to have to stock up on ebay.
So all in all, i sorta like this just a wee bit, its alright.

Clean State Mama Mio
Alright GlossyBox, having sent me this little gem here, you have earned my subscription forever regardless of what shite you put in the usual boxes. This is a godsend. Honestly the first time i used this i was all like Janice from Friends, i may actually have said it outloud. Im not going to say to much about this becuase im going to do a post on it but just go buy it, right now.

Benefit BadGirl Lash
For the days you don't want mega drama going on with your lashes this works a treat. It thenthens and separates to within an inch of its life and it holds all day and night (even through busy 12 hour shifts). It doesn't clump at all and it gives a good natural look which is all ive been wanting this month.

MoriccanOil - Moroccan Oil Treatment
Another Glossybox winner. This was from their first special one off box. Ive used a lot of argon oils (i might do a comparison, yay or nay?) but this is my favorite. It does smell a bit sickly sweet and look a little pale and when you put it on damp hair your a bit like meh at first, but oh my, when you dry it its crazy soft and silky. So soft and silky in fact you need to be careful about when you next wash it.

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter
Can you just smell it after hearing the name? Sometimes i like to just sit with the tub and just sniff away like a crazy glue addict. Its what i imagine heaven would smell like if i believed in it. Hands down best intensive moisturizer ive tried. I repurchase this often and ill continue to do so until im old and wrinkle-y.

So thats that folks sorry about the mega lateness and the big gap not posting but ive been on night shifts and my body clock has went to f***. But baby im back back back with posts all lined up.

What do you think of these products? Any differing opinions?

Lorna xxx

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