Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Arran Aromatics Just Grapefruit Sea Salt Scrub

Right so i have been talking about this scrub in other posts since i got it. Ive used it a few times and can make the bold claim that this is the best scrub i have EVER used.
Now i might be being a little biased because i tend to love the just grapefruit range in general but this is one of my favourites even in that. I have tried a lot but others that usually fight for top stop include Soap & Glory The Breakfast scrub, Soap & Glory Scrub em and Leave em and The body shop Sweet lemon body scrub, This tops em all.

It contains natural Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Peel and Grapefruit oil to refresh and tone skin. It is also believed that it helps to relieve cellulite.

The smell, oh god, the smell, its heavenly. As you probably guessed it smells of grapefruit but not just any grapefruit, this is arran aromatics grapefruit. Its my favourite senct ever if i could affort it i would buy all my products from this range. Its sweet but fresh and tangy.

Now im going to ask you to take a look at the packaging because im just a sucker for glass terrine jars, they feel so old fashioned and quaint. I always like it when a product comes in packaging you quite like showing off in the bathroom. ('Cause im just a wee bitty weird like that).

As you might be able to make out from the pictures the top centimeter of the jar is a different colour, this is where the oils have seperated slightly, this needs to be mixed up before use. It is a lovely thick consistancy that smooths on and and spreads really well. A little truly goes a long way. (about a tablespoon sized amount was enough for my whole body)
The salt particles are varied sizes but mostly quite big compared to most scrubs which i like. When this goes on and you rub it is a little rougher than im used to but i really like it, but because of this i dont think it would be very good for anyone with sensitive skin.

Before mixing
After mixing

But as far as I'm concerned its when you wash it off that you really discover he magic of this scrub.

The salt washes off but the some of the oil stays to a degree having sunk into the skin a bit. And boy does it feel lovely because its not that your skin feel very oily and yucky, it feels slightly like a film until you dry off after and then the film disappears and its just soft soft soft.
I used this after i had been having very dry flaky skin appear on my legs and it literally cleared it right up and my legs were soft and smooth and moisturised again. and the best part, the smell lingers on your skin for a loooong time. Which makes me a happy girl.

Do you have any other favourite scrubs?
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