Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September Empties... Short and Sweet... and a little early.

Now i know its a little early but theres nothing else im going to finish in the next few days so i thought i would do this now. Its been a month of many products so not many got a long use, hence the 5 products i have to show. 

Tresemme Naturals Non- Aerosol Hairspray

I dont think this is available any longer but it cost about £5.50. I dont think i would buy this again (even if i could) and i understand why it was discontinued. It is a great concept and i would like to try this in another type, hair spray that isnt in an aerosol. I liked the way it sprayed and the hold it gave but you need to be very careful as it really hardens the hair and goes stiff.

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer - £14.29 - Boots

This is a great primer for smoothing and resurphasing, it really does what it says. It feels like velvet going on your skin and leaves a completely smooth surphace for make-up. I would use this all the time if it lasted better on oily skin, but it just melts after a few hours.
Ialso think they have raised the price on these. I could swear it was £12.49 when i got it.

 YSL Touche Eclat - £25 - Debenhams

Now i got this to try and was horrified when i found out half way through wriing this post (from Makeup Savvy's latest post) that they only contain 2.5ml:o But i wasnt planning to repurchace anyway.Everyone will think im crazy for this but i REALLY dont like this it just doesnt work for me, ive tried all different ways of applying it but it just doesnt happen.

L'oreal Super Liner Luminizer - £6.49 - Boots

I likes this liner, a lot. I dont think there is anything paticularly special or new about it. It is just a quality, long lasting, well pigmented and easy to apply. This is going to be my go to liquid eyeliner.
It also helps they do it in variations of black to enhance eye colour.

 Tresemme Colour Previtalise Treatment Masque

I use this instead of conditioner every week or when my hair is feeling a little tired or stressed. It it lovely and creamy and really leaves hair feeling silky and smooth. I dont really think it works much better than the normal conditioner though. I also think this has been changed/discontinued as i cant find it to buy anywhere. It was about £5.

So thats me this month, not all that much finished but i have got a lot of things on the go so more next month :)


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