Friday, 28 September 2012

Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel soapless

This is one one my purchases from's French Pharmacy Sale. Its a cleanser i had a sample size of before and loved it so decided to take the plunge and buy it full size. The sale is still on throughout September and you can get this for only £5.49 when it usually retails for £8.25. You can get it here. There delivery was super fast, i had this within 3 days of ordering.


This cleanser is designed for oily/blemish prone skin which is my skin exactly. Its soap less to avoid drying and irritation. It is a green/blue colour that is just slightly bluer than the typical tee tree colour. The bottle i have is 200ml which i think is the only size you can get, also its just a good convenient size, not so small its done in a week but small enough you could take it in your bag when going away.

 I really love the cap on this bottle, it twists around 90 degrees and that  creates a small opening that is easy to get just the right amount out. Its so much better than the cleansers you can get in tubes that you need to close the cap before you can put it down because it sits on the lid, they always get so messy and i end up with lots of product on my bathroom counter. (maybe its just me haha).

This cleanser is very thick, especially for one designed for oily skin as they are usually very thin and runny. It goes on very smooth and you don't need a lot as it spreads very well. (i use a 20p size amount and it does my whole face).When you run it in it taken a bit of work to start lathering but when it does it is sooooo lovely. Creamy and still thick and just luxurious feeling. It also washes off very easily which I'm please about as one of my biggest pet peeves is face washes/masks that cling to your face and just spread around but don't wash off well.

It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean but not dry and tight. I use my No.7 toner after and alternate between my No/7 day moisturizer in the mornings and either my monu beauty balm or No.7 night moisturized in the evening. If  follow this routine when i get up in the mornings my skin only has a tiny sheen of oil on it and i can really see a difference in the blackheads on my nose, they are definitely getting smaller. With this i also find i don't need to exfoliate as much, once a week rather than every second day which has got to be good for my skin.

Anyone else use this, what do you think? :)

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  1. Very pretty blog and helpful review! I just love your posts and am your newest follower! I’d be so happy if you could follow back as I don’t have many followers :3 xD 

  2. I haven't used this but it does sound like it may be worth a try-thanks for sharing :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Yeah it really is very good. Love the DIY Clutch btw. )

      Lorna xxx

  3. I really like this cleanser, it is really natural and dosnt harm the skin, I used to work with Avene so i know it's good :) xx

  4. Yeah i think this is always going to be my go to cleanser.
    I love your blog btw, always read it, thanks for the comment:D

    Lorna xxx


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