Wednesday, 12 September 2012

First ever blog!!!

So... First ever blog post. Scary or exciting? A tantalizing mix of both I'm thinking. I'll start by telling who i am and what this thing is all about.
I'm a student nurse in my 2nd year and I'm loving that. Studying and living in Glasgow, fighting a never ending battle with the weather. 
I'm in no way a beauty expert and I'm not trained in it. I'm just completely obsessssed. Anything make-up, hair care, or skin care and I'm all over it. (Probs spending far to much money on it too...oops).
I'll be doing a wide variety of posts. Basically whatever takes my fancy. I'll put a warning out just now though, my camera has completely died so until i get another ill only be able to use my mac to take photos with.

Cyaaaaa soon.

Love Lorna


Please feel free to comment, they make me happy and ill always reply :) xxx