Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Percy & Reed - Volumising No Oil Oil

Percy & Reed is a brand i have wanted to try to absolutely ages but i just never bought any. I tend to spend less on my hair products and more on skin so this was a bit of a splurge for me. So why did i finally take the plunge and part with my pennies? Well i was on the Selfridges website to get the limited edition Pink bubbly Vaseline (i know im a bit late but i think ill do a post on that in a few days because im in love) and i saw this no oil oil and thought to myself :S

Ive heard of dry oils, but an oil thats not an oil. Needless to say the Percy and Reed packaging paired with my curiosity were a combination i couldnt fight. This comes it two types. One for thick hair and one for thin. I got the thin hair one not because my hair is very thin but because it gets oily very easily with products.

Ive got to say, when i first took this out the packaging it was a tad disappointing. At £14 (from Selfridges) i know its not too expensive, but with the price and the packaging quality i had thought the bottle would be glass. Or at least a hard plastic! Alas its not, its a quite squidgy plastic. I suppose it doesn't really matter too much because as soon as i tried this product i didnt care if it came in a plastic bag.

It has quite a sharp smell. Citrus-y but a bit chemically as well. I think this might be one of those products that people either love the smell of, Happily I love it. Its consistency is gel like but quite runny.

Percy and Reed say
"Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for fine hair. 
This little lifesaer containing violet extract gives you locks which are smooth, sleek and shiney whilst also adding volume. It's a multi-tasker too, nourishing and repairing hair, with pro vitamin B5 helping out with strength and wheat protiens protecting from heat. What more could you ask for? "

please excuse the weird photo, was trying to get what it looks like across :)

Ive used the past 3 times i've washed my hair. I did the usual shampooing and conditioning and then towel dried my hair. It says you only need 1-2 drops but i found i needed at least 3 to properly distribute through my hair. Its recomended that you warm the oil in your hand and run a large brush over it in your hand and then brush it through your hair from the brush but i didnt do this. I just rubbed it between my hands to warm and rubbed in through my hair with my hands. I would think if you did it with the brush most of the product would just stay on your hand no?
Before i even noticed an effect on my hair i noticed it did on my hands. It really isnt oily at all and the excess soaked right into my hands and felt really soft. ...not sure if its too good for my hands but i like. haha.
I opted to not put anything else in my hair, just so i could see how well it actually worked. (Except my heat protection when i straightened it after it dried naturally). I have to say im impressed. My hair was very sleek and soft with barely any flyaways, its lovely. Considering how little product i had in my hair it felt like it had good weight to it too. I think im truely sold on this product. Im not to sure how much volume this actually gave my hair, which is a bit odd considering thats one of its main purposes. But i love this for its smoothing properties and smell so much im just going to continue using it but put a bit of moose in as well.

This has actually gave me a bit of a dilemma as im usually an avid argan oil girl as it makes your hair feel soft and sleek but also nourishes it and im not sure the no oil oil is quite as nourishing, but i love it soooo much. Maybe ill just do them turn about.

Has anyone tried the brush in method of this? how did you find it?

p.s again sorry about photo quality
Love Lorna

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