Sunday, 23 September 2012

New favourite eyeshadow - Bourjois Little Rund Pot Intense

 Now i am completely AMAZED by this eyeshadow. Its from the Bourjois Paris Little round pot Intense range in rose sable (03). Available from Boots for £6.99 I think i will go as far as to say this is favourite eyeshadow i own.
I think when i saw it in boots the little girl that still wants to be a princess in my went in to a frenzy of "PINK!!! GLITTER!!! SPARKLE!!!" It was a little scary to behold and Marcus (the fiance) almost ran away.

Don't ya just love the little pots? They are so cute and hold so much product and you get a helpful wee mirror in them.

How beautiful is that!! I don't even know what to say as i think everyone will have tried these little pots and I'm a little tongue tied in awe of the pretty-ness.
The pigmentation is great and is easily built up, they blend well and the sparkles don't fall down your face throughout the day.

This picture is a bit deceiving as to the quality of colour as only the sparkle is picked up but the pic colour really comes through in the perfect non tacky way.  I am so happy with this and the amount you get for the price and quality is awesome.

It was my birthday yesterday and i was really ill at night so i was a bit shit. BUT Marcus had given me a great present earlier from Aron Aromatics Just Grapefruit range so i was well happy sitting with the avengers on :D

I will probs review that later because it is such good quality.

Lorna xxxx

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