Monday, 1 October 2012

Bobbi Brown Corrector and concealor kit

Now i have wanted to try this since i saw EssieButton (link to the post) talking about it in one of her videos, it seemed to be an amazing product and i hoped it would fix my dreadful dark circles. This was quite a while ago now though but i finally got round to stopping of at the Bobbi Brown counter. I've never actually used any Bobbi Brown products before (although i have a friend who swears by them) so i had know idea what shades i would be (the corrector has 12 shades available and the concealer 14). That's why i found myself sitting in the dreaded chair feeling like i was on display to the shoppers as she took half my make-up off so she could find my shade. 
I don't think i've ever said on here but i really hate those chairs, getting stuff slapped on my face in front of everyone, i don't know why but i would rather have a guess myself and if i'm wrong sell it on. 
But eventually my ordeal was over and i had my shades. Bisque in the corrector and Beige in the concealer.

The corrector is pink tinged to counteract the blue/purple colour and goes on first just with a concealer brush (i use the real techniques one), then the concealer goes on top and it comes with a yellow setting powder to use over lastly. 

This stuff it very creamy and very pigmented so a little goes a long way. I took my makeup and put this on again when  i got home as i didn't like the way the lady put it on, it was a bit lumpy and not blended in, but when i did it myself it was fine and looked really good. 

                                                        Corrector // Concealer // powder                                                                   Please note these are very heavily swatched to show on the camera, they really do blend well with my skin tone.

I have worn this all day and it has not budged at all, no creasing (except where i already had lines). The colour hasnt faded and no purple is showing through. Its truely remarkable how much better my face looks, how much more even my whole skin tone looks with the under eyes covered well. I would urge anyone will problem dark circles to get this, i truely think its a wonder product.
I think the packaging they come in is really nice, its simple and stylish and will be easy to keep clean. Although i think the concealer looks a bit like a contact lens case and i wish you got more in it, 1.4g of each of the creams.The corrector is £18 and can be found here and the concealer kit is £24 and can be found here, both from John Lewis.

Now while i was there i discovered and had a look at Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder - Brightening Nudes. I beg you go and look at this, just sit and gaze at the glory. It is the single most beautiful thing i have ever seen! Its too expensive for me to justify considering i know i would never use it but ohhhh my its divine.

Anyone else really like this or use anything else? Let me know.

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  1. Nice colour of corrector! I wish that your blog gonna get popularity! : ) Good luck! : )

  2. Have heard good things about this from several MUA, I've tried several concealers- am def looking to try BB soon. Thanks for the review:)

    1. I really cant recommend it enough, a life saver :)

      Lorna xxx


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