Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Yankee Candle's

I was out shopping (as per) and decided to have a wee wander into the Yankee Candle shop in the Buchanan Galleries. What i saw made me weep with joy, my favourite candles were on sale. The two that i got were the large jars and were £14 each. To be honest i have now found out that they are mostly on sale at this price online at the moment but i like buying in store, it makes me smiley :D
The large jars are 110 to 150 burning hours.  and are big enough to be a feature but not so big as to be impractical. 

Mango Peach Salsa is one of my favourite summer candles ever and im using it right now to try and cheat myself into thinking its still sunny outside. Its a very stong fruity smell but not sickly and its a georgeous colour.

I got this Mandarin Cranberry one because i really love fruity candles but they're not very wintery or cosy so i thought this smelled like a good comprimise as its fruity but also quite warm and homely.

This candle shade was soooooo pretty i just had to have it and it was only £13. My mum is always really worried about smoke coming off candles and staining the walls so this keeps her happy for m to have my little lights :) It gives off the prettiest glow when lit.

I'm really wanting to try Christmas Cookie and Pomegranate Cider.

What are your favourite candles? Anyone love these?

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