Friday, 12 October 2012

Elf Haul - Part 1

So as you may have seen on an earlier post i recently got a MEGA haul from E.L.F as they were doing an offer that if you spend over £50 you got £25 off. So i got £50.50 worth of things and it only cost me £25.50. That's basically 50% off which is amazing!!

Now as you can see i got a lot of things so i'm doing this post in 2 parts. Part one will be the eye shadows, eye primers and the blush/bronzer set and Part 2 will be the rest.

Bottom to Top: Sheer /// Sheer blended /// Pearl /// Pearl blended /// Champagne /// Champagne blended
These are the three eye primers (they can be seen in the group pictures as the three lip gloss shaped tubes. They are from bottom to top:
  • Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - Sheer - £3
  • Elf Eyelid Primer - Pearl - £1.50
  • Elf Eyelid Primer - Champagne - £1.50
As you can see these are very different and i tend to use different ones depending on what eyeshadow i'm putting on. I use the mineral sheer the most, i looks great under daytime eye makeup, nudes and simple. The pearl i use for nighttime, going out looks (not a dark smokey eye as its white and bright) that have a fair bit of shimmer in them and i use the champagne for a dark smokey eye.
I think that the mineral works best as a primer, it definitely has the longer staying power although they all work incredibly well for the price.

Blush /// Bronzer
This is the Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder - £3.75.
I do quite like using this for when im contouring but i need to be very careful with it because it is a very warm toned bronzer and you can end up looking fairly orange. The blusher is a pale pink shade that works well on pale, minimal makeup days and while it does have a shimmer through it it is not over the top.
It comes in a lovely little compact duo with a mirror.

These are the four duo creme eye shadows and they are all £1.50 each . The consistency of them is lovely very creamy but not thick and they are so pigmented you only need a tiny amount. Below are closer up pictures.

Left to right this is The Butter Pecan Duo and the Black Licorice Duo.
 I really love the licorice duo for starting a smokey eye for a night out and the butter pecan duo is great for day time (its a bit less red than it looks in photo)

From lest to right this is the Olive Duo and the Berry Mix Duo.
 Ive only used the brown shade of the Olive duo as of yet and i love it however iv been using both of Berry Mix quite often. (the darker of berry mix is less red and more purple in real life).

L-R Night Owl Heavily Swatched /// Night Owl Lightly Swatched /// Baked Brown Heavily Swatched /// Baked Brown Lightly Swatched

This is the Elf Glitter Eyeshadow and the Elf Studio Eyeshadow Pigment.
From the top pictures the glitter shadow is in the circular white packaging and the pigment is in the small square tub.
  • The Glitter is in the shade Night owl  - £2.50 
  • The Pigment is in the shade Baked Brown - £3.75
I love the pigment shade for everyday makeup, its just such a perfect colour to go with blue eyes and the glitter looks good for a night out.

So this is part 1, part two will include the eyebrow kit, body shimmer, eyebrow tint and tame, clear brow and lash gel, HD under eye setting powder and the brush shampoo and daily cleaning.

What are your Elf faves?

Lorna xxx


  1. Wow, that's some haul! I have actually never bought anything from Elf, strange for a beauty blogger but it's just not available near me. I keep seeing products I would like to try though so maybe I'll get some online.
    Mel xx

  2. Ive only ever got them online:) and yeah... i went a little mental haha :)

    Lorna xxx


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