Saturday, 13 October 2012


I have had this on for a about 5 days now so excuse the chips in the photos.
Now this looks like a colour that a lot of bloggers such as Lily from What I Heart Today have been talking about recently from Butter London Bossy Boots but alas it is not as im a little on the poor side at the moment. This is actually Essie Navigate Her, which to be honest is very very similar as far as im concerned. Essie is slightly more minty and less pistachio-y. And it has (an old purchase) Butter London Tart With a Heart over it for a bit of sparkle haha.

 Butter London Tart with a Heart doesnt show up to well in the picures and in all honesty it doesnt show up in the bottle well either. I might put a photo up of it on its own later because it is suck a beautiful colour.

 Now as i said and i'm sure you can see, this chipped quite a lot (the photos were taken after two days of wear) which is not very good wear but keep in mind i did not use a base of top coat. I have since reapplied with my Seche Vite and its holding up better.

Now the reason for this lovely close up of my finger is because i want to point out the lumps on my nails. This is because i was a very bad girl and took my acrylic nails off myself and little bits are still left. Just wanted it put out so that you didnt think i had desiesed nails or anything. haha

Well i think its pretty anyway, and its far enough away from pastel that it looks nice and autumnal.

What do you recon?

Lorna xxx

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