Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pretty 'Punch Studio' Trinket Soaps :D

Just a warning first that this post is basically pretty pictures.
These little beauties are something i stumbled across in TkMaxx the other day and how glad i am. They are just so beautiful that i got both of these because i couldnt choose between them, and it was a hard task to get it down to these two because there was so many designs.

 Now this photo is pretty dark but its so i can show off the sparkles better.

I really like this one as it opens like a little treasure box with a little magnet.

This one is my favourite though, between the little birds, the glitter and being a little book im totes in love with it.

These soaps smell absolutely amazing, slightly floral but zesty at the same time. Ive not tries them yet as i dont really want to open them.

Im definately going to go back and get a few more for little extra christmas pressents as they were only £2.99 and look so much more expensive.

On the Punch Studio website there is a lot of other products you can buy that all have similar decorative packaging.

Okay i know this isnt much of a post but i have a few lined up so there will be a better one up either tonight or tomorrow morning (maybe both if your lucky).

Lorna xxx

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