Thursday, 15 November 2012

Liebster Award

So ive been nominated for this by Stacey Jane from Expat make-up addict. If you don't know what it is, it's a award to recognize up and coming, new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  What a great way to get some new followers and meet some new like-minded beauty addicts!  I am so happy about this as its the first thing ive ever been nominated for and its such a great feeling to be recognized for all the effort i put into my blog. Thank you  for the nomination!

So here are the rules!

1-You must post 11 random facts about yourself.
2-You must answer 11 random questions from the person who nominated you. 
3-You must create a new set of 11 questions for who you tag.
4-You then tag 11 blogs with under 200 followers, you cannot tag back.

Please also sent me a wee message so i can have a look at your post and answers :D

Random facts about myself
1. I dont really like chocolate that much.
2. I have 5 tattoos. (3 of which are rather large)
3. I have 11 peircings. (i used to have 12)
4. My grey kitty cat was named before we got him because we thought we were going to get a black kitten and im obsessed with Harry Potter. Hence my cats name is Sirius Black.
5. I'm a very calm caring person except in certain circumstances. E.g seeing someone hurting an animal or my family. Then i have a f***ing evil temper.
6. I have anxiety and ocd problems.
7. I have a slightly massive obsession with Dean Winchester from Supernatural.
8. Im a student nurse.
9. I'm engaged.
10. Im scared of dogs and bugs.
11. I'm the only one in my family to have inherited my Grandads "Perfect Feet" haha :D

Heres the answers for my questions from Stacy Jane.

1-So you're coming to mine for dinner tonight-what would you like me to cook?
Dont even bother, we'll just get Dominoes :)
2-I'll also be getting the drinks in-what's your favorite poison?
 Dark Rum, OVD or Lambs :D
3-Are you on Santa's nice or naughty list this year?
Definately nice. Ive been very good in what hasnt been a great year so i think i deserve something good.
4-How do you usually spend Xmas?
When i was younger my Dad would wake be up really early and me, my Mum and him would all open our presents hen get ready to go to my Granny and Grandads with the entire family for a massive meal and more presents. But these days its just me and Mum at home (or maybe with one of my Aunts) on Christmas day, then on the days between the 26th and 29th we'll have the big gathering sometime. One with my family and one with my fiances.
5-Are you an early bird who catches the worm or a night owl?
Night Owl!!! I hate getting up in the mornings. I so much prefer night shifts at work too.
6-If you could get on a plane and fly anywhere tomorrow where would you go and why?
America. I really wanna go for a few months and just travel around all over. Especially New York, Texas and Wyoming.
7-What's your favorite pick n mix sweet?
Liquorice Swirls.
8-If you win the lottery (and I mean win BIG) what are you going to buy first?
A house with a garden for my mum.
9-What's your mantra/favorite quote/philosophy to live by?
This too shall pass.
10-We're at Cheesecake Factory-what flavour are you having?
Plain all the way. I love New York Cheesecake:D
11-What are you plans for the weekend?
Ahh. So glad you asked this. Im actually Traveling down to the borders to go to Auchen Castle to start arranging my wedding plans:D

Heres my 11 question for the bloggers i tagged
1. Whats No.1 on your Christmas list this year?
2. Makeup or skincare? Whats your vice.
3. Whats your worst bad habit?
4. Cats or dogs?
5. Whats your favourite place on earth?
6. Whos your secret celeb crush?
7. Desert island item?
8. Whats your biggest fear?
9. Tell me about your pets (if you dont have any why not?)
10. Whats your happiest memory?
11. Why do you love blogging?

Finally here are the bloggers who's blogs i really like and have nominated for this.
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11. Holly's Beauty Review

Lorna xxx


  1. Morning! Love that you participated! Loving that you're a low maintenance 'we'll get takeaway' girl! Have a great weekend wedding planning xxx

  2. Great post - i love reading these!

  3. Thank you! And best of luck Wedding planning, how exciting?! x

  4. Oh I love cats as well :D Nice Post.

  5. I'm obsessed with Dean winchester too!!!!! Lovely answers BTW.I found your blog via #bbloggers blog hop number 11 and am now following you. I would love it if you would have a look at my blog too. :-) Rose xxx

  6. Congrats on the award hun!!! I'm a cat lover too :)

    New follower, follow back?

  7. Thank you so much for nominating me! Sorry it took so long to reply!
    I just did it recently:
    Hannah :) x

  8. Congrats! Im also afraid of dogs and hate when they jump on me:P Anyways, found you on blog hop! New follower:)

    1. Aww thankyou:) Having a look at yours now.

      Lorna xxx


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