Sunday, 25 November 2012

Selfridges Advent Calender

So i may be 20 years old now but i still want my advent calendar in December. This year thought i have a slightly more grown up one (and a slightly more expensive one). My wonderful wonderful Fiance got me the most beautiful advent calendar even seen on this earth. The Selfridges one!!!!! Ohhhh yeassssss.

Now i apologise in advance for the photo overload about to come but i was just too excited when i was opening this.

How pretty is this box? im actually in love with it. These was a list of what will be inside on the packaging (for ingredients list purpaces) but i through it out with out looking because i wanted it to be a surprice. 
This was very pricey at £82 but its so worth it concidering the names included in it like LancĂ´me, Kiehls, Diesel, Viktor & Rolf, Shu Uemura and Armani. 

This is quite a short post but ill be updating this daily once i start opening it:) hehe. So youll be seeing a lot more of me. Also id like to apologuise for the lack of posts but my shirts have been crazy and after 12hour shifts for 4 days a week im not up for taking pictures and writing anything half decent. 

Lorna xxx

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